Who are we?

IMG_2871_edit_blogHi, thank you for visiting our website! We’re Lisa, Maurice and Jace. We’ve been on the road since March 2015 and plan to travel for at least a year, if our savings allow us. We’ve left our small rental apartment in Holland in the capable and trusted hands of a good friend of ours and are now living out of our suitcases. So far we love it!

The right timing

From the moment we met in 2002 we’ve been talking about traveling and leaving Holland for a while, but somehow the timing was never right. In August 2013 our precious little ginger haired baby boy Jace was born and for a while travel was the last thing on our minds. When he was 3 months old however we spend 2,5 months in our holiday house in Dahab, Egypt and loved every minute of it. I think this was the turning point.

Big dreams, big plans

Even before Jace was born we were determined to keep traveling, but I think our time in Egypt proved to us that going abroad with Jace would work. We kept thinking about it, but being new parents we had loads of other things on our minds. Time went by and then suddenly things went hyperspeed. In December 2014 we talked to a friend about wanting to travel for a year, she needed a place to stay for about the same period and before we knew it things we’re settled. We were going… Where? No idea! Even with all the dreaming of the past years, now that we were actually leaving our bucket list was surprisingly empty. Actually it still is. So if you have any suggestions for great places to travel with a small child, let us know!

Saving & working

What we do know is that our savings will only get us so far. So we decided that (South-East) Asia was probably the best place for us to go to make our money last a bit longer. We need to be back in Holland within the year to keep our apartment. But this year away is also a little experiment to see if we can make enough money on the way to support ourselves. Maurice is already a PADI Divemaster and will do his Instructor Development Course (IDC) so he can work as a scuba instructor. Lisa is an experienced online marketing professional who will try to work as a location independent freelancer (aka digital nomad), a job that can mostly be done in the odd hours that Jace is asleep. Of course Jace will always come first, so we let him set the pace and do our best to see that he grows up happy and healthy. So far he loves traveling, tasting new foods and meeting new people!