Best camping gifts for dad

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but if dad is an avid camper or outdoorsy person you’re in luck. You’ll have your choice of Father’s Day gifts, gifts for dad’s birthday or Christmas gifts for your dad… There are plenty of fantastic camping gifts for men and this post with the best camping gifts will give you lots of inspiration for cool camping gifts for dad. It’s so much more fun to go camping when you have the right gear. Help dad make the most of his time outside with some of the best camping gadgets available. 

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Camping is a wonderful way to spend time in nature. Whether dad loves to test his own limits camping or hiking, goes boating or fishing in his free time, or likes to take the family on an outdoor adventure, there are plenty of camping gadgets for dad to make his outdoor life a little more fun and a lot more comfortable. From portable fire pits to manual coffee grinders and from a Jetboil cooking system to a travel hammock. This guide with the best gifts for outdoor dads will help you buy the perfect gift for the occasion.

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Portable Camping Fire Pit

As a family we travel a lot in our Mazda Bongo; a 4×4 camper, where space is limited. One of our favorite and most used items has to be our Portable Camping Fire Pit (which I bought as a present for my husband’s last birthday!)

This lightweight fire pit comes in a small carry bag that you can easily fit into a rucksack. No tools are required to put it together, you just connect the stainless steel legs together (which are anti-heating) and fold them out to create a frame. Then an anti-heating steel mesh is attached to the top, which is what you built your fire on. This mesh is meticulously woven to limit ash and debris from slipping through.

It is also very easy to clean to then pack away back into the bag (just leave your fire to cool down before you safely and responsibly dispose of the ashes).

Recommended by Jenny from TraveLynn Family

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Stanley Stainless Steel Shot Glass and Flask Gift Set

After a day of fishing, hiking, or lounging in a hammock, most dads are ready for a happy hour. The Stanley stainless steel shot glass and flask gift set adventure pack comes with four 2oz metal shot glasses (for sharing), an 8oz whiskey flask, and travel carrying case. It’s all your dad will need to bring along his favorite spirit to the campsite and keep it tasting as good as when it was in the bottle.

The stainless steel design won’t rust or add unwanted flavors to what is stored inside. The flask can also be used for a pre-mixed cocktail like an Old Fashioned. Pair the set with his favorite whiskey, bourbon, or rum for the perfect gift.

Recommended by Jenn from Cocktails Away

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YETI Portable Cooler

One of the best Father’s Day camping gift ideas is a cooler. This YETI Portable Cooler will survive a full day (and some more) for camping, or on a road trip. It has a capacity of up to 16 cans plus ice.

It is equipped with waterproof material and is also leakproof, so no spills inside the vehicle or at the campsite. The cooler has a decent opening to store food, cans, and ice, and keeps them cool for long hours.

A YETI cooler makes for a great gift as it is a very sturdy and neat-looking product. As far as dimensions go, it is about 15 2/3 in long x 10 1/5 in wide x 12 3/5 in high. All of 18 liters, it weighs 5.1 pounds – so a decent size to carry over the shoulder. Plus it won’t take up a lot of space inside the camping tent or the vehicle.

Recommended by Mayuri from Canada Crossroads

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LED beanie hat with light

If you’re looking one of the best unique and affordable camping gadgets for dad, then I’d recommend an LED beanie hat with in-built light. This product is brilliant because it has more than one use; it will keep your dad warm, whilst also providing light. This is a hat to put on during a walk, while camping in the winter, on a cool evening, or when dad needs to use the bathroom in the night!

This light has three adjustable brightness settings; the lowest level will last for up to eight hours, the middle level will last for up to four hours and the highest level will keep its charge for two hours. The beanies come in a variety of colors. They’re also USB rechargeable, so you can even recharge it during your camping trip. At around $10, this is a budget-friendly camping gift that is great for a dad that seems to have everything.

Recommended by Claire from Stapo’s Thrifty Life Hacks

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Travel hammock

Dad will be a happy camper with his very own travel hammock. Let him know you appreciate all that he does with a gift that helps him put his feet up and relax. He deserves it!

These travel hammocks come with carabiners, adjustable straps, and a carrying bag so he can easily set it up at most campsites using nearby trees. They come in two sizes, get the double for bigger guys. Consider adding the mosquito netting and rain fly. Then he can spend the night in it and use it for backpacking.

On Father’s Day, set it up in the backyard and bring him a cold beverage so he can relax and dream of future trips. 

Recommended by Erica from Trip Scholars

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Portable BBQ

For dads who love the great outdoors and camping, a portable barbecue will be a great addition to his adventures.

There are a lot of free BBQ points around but getting him his own portable BBQ will give you so much more freedom as a family – you can take it to the beach so he can cook breakfast as the sun comes up or he can cook your dinner right beside your tent or caravan. No more waiting for the BBQ point at the campsite to become available, plus you don’t have to rush to clean it for the next person the moment you’ve finished cooking.

You can choose a BBQ to suit his interests – whether he prefers the convenience of a gas BBQ or likes the classic flavor of a charcoal BBQ (my personal favorite is the Weber Baby Q gas BBQ which is small, solid and convenient). There are lots of compact travel BBQs to choose from this Father’s Day and they’re guaranteed to make camping a lot more fun.

Recommended by Karen from Smart Steps to Australia

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Manual coffee grinder

If your dad is a coffee connoisseur and enjoys making fresh coffee when camping, one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is a camping coffee grinder.

With a travel coffee grinderyou can grind whole bean coffee as and when you need them each day for the best tasting coffee.

Unlike a home grinder, manual grinders are super compact, lightweight and do not need electricity.  Simply pop your beans in the top, set the grind size, turn the handle and within a minute or two you have freshly ground coffee ready to be brewed.

One of the best grinder options, especially if Dad travels with the Aeropress, is the Porlex Mini grinder. Made from stainless steel and with ceramic burrs, the Porlex is just 130mm tall and weighs 8 ounces. It fits snug inside the Aeropress coffee maker for easy transport and is the most compact option for hiking and backpacking.

If car camping is more their thing and you are looking for the very best manual grinder, look at the IZpresso JX manual grinder. One of the best manual grinders on the market, it will grind beans as evenly as most home grinders and is a great gift for coffee and camping loving dads.

Recommended by Rachel from Creators of Coffee

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Aeropress manual coffee maker

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves to camp and who also happens to love coffee, then we would recommend looking at an AeroPress. The AeroPress Go is a portable travel coffee press, a compact little coffee making gadget that was thought up by the same guy who designed the Aerobie; the sports toy that was popular in the eighties.

It does not require electricity to work – just a little muscle power! You pour boiling water into the chamber that holds the coffee grounds and push the plunger down into the chamber creating an airtight seal. It only takes about 1 minute for an American coffee and 2 minutes for a cold brew. The water is forced through the coffee and the filter and voila! Perfect coffee every time. It is high up on our list of campervan essentials.

The AeroPress Go includes a mug that you press your coffee into, can use to drink from and that also doubles as a carrying case when traveling.

Recommended by Jacquie from Flashpacking Family

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Hiking & camping waterproof jacket

As the famous hiking quote goes  “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” A warm and weather-proof jacket can make all the difference during a camping trip!

This TEZO Men’s Rain Jacket is lightweight, waterproof, and windproof. It won’t add much to the weight of your camping gear, and it is a total lifesaver during bad weather. It is equipped with multiple pockets for keys and accessories, and the hood is detachable too. This lightweight waterproof jacket is the perfect gift for dads who enjoy camping and being outdoors, and who won’t let a bit of bad weather ruin the experience.

Recommended by Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad

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Portable Outdoor Solar Power Bank

In the past, camping may have been all about being off-grid and enjoying nature… but that was before we had incredible portable technology that puts the world of entertainment at our fingertips. For all the dads out there that can’t live without their live sport updates, this portable solar power bank is a must-have camping accessory.

Recharge all your devices from its 26800mAh battery, then utilize the built-in solar panel to recharge the power bank and do it all again. This portable power bank is weatherproof, robust, and ready to go wherever you want to take it. You never have to give up your electronic comforts again!

Recommended by Yulia from Miss Tourist

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UltraThick Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Give your dad the ultimate gift of a great night’s sleep! Camping gear has come a long way in the last few decades, and it’s no longer necessary to sacrifice your well-deserved rest when heading out into nature. This self-inflating sleeping pad gives you the best of both worlds by combining UltraFlex memory foam with air mattress technology to create a luxurious 3″ high bed wherever you choose to rest your head.

This compact sleeping pad packs down to easily fit in your car or backpack; when you arrive, open a valve, and your bed will inflate itself! No more struggling with a pump or waking up on a deflated mattress in the middle of the night with this incredible advance in camping technology!

Recommended by Kate from Bags Always Packed

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Camping survival shovel

Looking for a gift for a dad who likes to have authentic camping experiences in nature? The perfect camping gift for the next Bear Grylls is an epic folding camping survival shovel.

What is a survival shovel? Imagine if a Swiss army knife and a shovel had a baby – you will get a reinvented shovel with a multitude of functions. The angles of the shovel blade move to change the operation of the shovel – it can be a hook, hoe, axe or conventional shovel. The other uses available include a spanner, knife, screwdriver, whistle and fire starter.

Why is this the best survival shovel? It is compact, lightweight, yet strong enough for the most significant camping tasks! Unlike other folding shovels, the length of the handle can be extended and increasing comfort for the camper! It is made from military-grade carbon steel. There is also a sturdy carry bag for storage and to stop incidental cuts from the saw.

If you want to make that Papa Bear happy – get him an epic folding-camping survival shovel.

Recommended by Alana from Family Bites Travel

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Earplugs may be an odd gift choice, but if you’ve ever been camping with a snorer or tried to go to bed before the campsite next to you, you’ll understand why.

When your father is out in nature, give him the gift of a great night’s sleep!

The earplugs I recommend The earplugs I recommend are the silicone putty type. They block out sound great and allow you to sleep on your side, unlike the expanding foam type that sticks out your ear canal slightly and causes discomfort when your head hits the pillow.

Lastly, the silicone earplugs can be used for other situations such as relieving airplane pressure pain when flying and prevent ear infections when swimming.

Your dad will surely be pleased with this slightly odd but super versatile gift!

Recommended by Nick from Illness To Ultra

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Daypack for hiking and trekking

A day backpack for hiking is a great gift for camping-loving dads. No matter what trips they take during the camping trip, a good backpack will have them covered.

As a dad on an adventure, you need to bring all the essentials not only for you, but often also for your kids, so a backpack that sits well on the back and has enough pockets for all the things that need to be easily accessible like a pocket knife, food, and water make all the difference.

For day hikes you could consider the 20L Osprey Daylite Plus or the lightweight Jack Wolfskin Kingston 30. The larger Fjallraven Kaipak 38 or The North Face Hydra 38L are also suitable for multi-day hikes or treks.

Recommended by Linn Haglund from Andalucia Hiking

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Jetboil portable cooking system

A jetboil is a compact and portable cooking system, perfect for any outdoor adventure. Allowing dad to boil water for his coffee or even cook meals, the jetboil takes up little space and is lightweight. It comes in variety of systems – giving you plenty of choice to suit dad’s
adventure style and requirements.

The smaller fast boil systems like the Jetboil MiniMo and the Jetboil MicroMo are very compact and perfect for coffee, tea and dehydrated meals. If the father in your life considers himself quite the camp chef, you may like to consider the 1.8L Jetboil Sumo cook and boil options which include simmer control and can support a pot and can be combined with the Jetboil Grande Coffee Press, skillet, and FluxRing 1.5L cooking pot.

Jetboil’s base camp systems are a great option for those dads who like to bring the family along on their adventures – as they offer greater functionality and are perfect for cooking larger meals.

Whichever option you choose, you really can’t go wrong – this is a great gift idea for the dads who have it all!

Recommended by Stephanie from Navigating Adventure

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Binoculars are a great Father’s Day gift for a camper in your life! Binoculars are one of those items that if you spend a few more dollars, the quality vastly improves.

We bought and used the SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars on a recent trip to see the wild ponies in Chincoteague, Virginia. They worked so well for both the adults and the kids! The wild horses were far away but these binoculars added to the fun of spotting them across the beach and marsh. I like how it comes in a traveling case with rubber caps for all 4 of the lenses. We keep the binoculars in the car now in case we have a spontaneous adventure!

Recommended by Jennifer from Family Trip Guide

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Drybag waterproof bag

A drybag is a great gift for a dad that loves camping for Father’s Day. In it, he can keep his valuables safe and dry – specifically electronics that might get wet during damp nights. It’s also great to organize stuff because this way you can keep all your most important items in one place.

If you want to include any water-related activities like canoeing, kayaking, boating or fishing in your camping trip, a drybag is a must! We always take one for our delicate camera equipment, just to be on the safe side.

When looking for a drybag consider capacity, durability and comfort. You can opt for a classic roll-top dry bag, a dry bag waterproof backpack or even choose a waterproof duffle travel dry bag.

Recommended by Eva from Kids and the Outdoors

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Travel water bottle

A good water bottle is an absolute staple for outdoor adventures. The bottle should be able to keep cold liquids cool as well as hot liquids like coffee or tea warm enough for a while. But it also should be able to attach to your backpack so that it is always reachable. This will not only save you some space inside your backpack but also make it easily accessible. It also needs to be leak-proof so you don’t risk damaging any gear.

One of the best outdoor gifts for dad is the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle. It’s available in a 22oz or a 1L version. It’s a BPA-free water bottle that filters the water while you’re drinking. The LifeStraw Go removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine or batteries.

The “H2O Capsule water bottle” which can hold up to 2,2 liters of liquid is another good option. It has an attached handle as well as a neoprene sleeve with a zipper where you can store your belongings. It also has a high-quality shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry around.

If dad’s short on space, you can also consider a collapsible water bottle.

Recommended by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

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