Ultimate family travel blogs list

Ultimate family travel blogs list
When you’re planning to travel with your kids, whether it’s a short trip or long-term travel, it always pays off to be well informed so you can make the most of it. These awesome family travel bloggers have loads of experience and lots of fantastic tips to share with you. From finding the best place to eat in Hanoi, the cheapest hotels in Melbourne and the quirkiest children’s museum in Amsterdam to the most affordable way to travel with a large family or how to travel as a single parent. Make the most of your travels by consulting these experts.

Which are the family travel bloggers you really should be following? Check out this Ultimate Family Travel Bloggers List with our favorite full-time family travel blogs, family adventure travel blogs, RV travel blogs, travel blogs for large families, solo parenting travel blogs and all other types of family travel blogs out there. From families that travel long term to families that make the most out of their weekends and school holidays, there’s so much inspiration and knowledge out there. We’ve created categories so you can easily locate what you’re looking for. Find the blogs that fit your travel style and that inspire you, and start planning your next trip!

The travel bloggers themselves provided a description and picture for their blog and the result is this awesome list with 78 family travel blogs. A fantastic resource for those planning to travel with kids. Whichever question you have about traveling with children, you’re sure to find the answers in any of the blogs below.


Please note that other than being categorized the blogs are displayed in complete random order. They are not ranked or rated in any way.


Four Packs Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Four Packs TravelFour Packs Travel was born from the want to spend more time with our kids, Ollie and Milla, and a desire to travel the world! Together we have traveled to over forty countries on a budget in just over two years and with only a carry on backpack each. From Asia and India, Europe and North America, we have aimed to give our children an amazing experience outside of the classroom while sharing in the beautiful cultures around us. We share our experience, guides, tips, and advice, join us!

An Epic Education

Ultimate family travel blog list - An Epic EducationJason and Keiko left their desk jobs in Tokyo in 2013. Then they pulled their kids out of school and started slow-traveling together. So far, they’ve lived in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and Mexico. They enjoy planting themselves in one place for months (or years) while exploring the region surrounding it. Education is an important component of their travels, and they’ve found value in homeschooling, unschooling, and putting their kids in local schools. On the Epic Education Radio Podcast, Jason talks to other family travelers about their tips and experiences.

The Travelling Twins

Ultimate family travel blog list - The Travelling TwinsTravelling for our girls was inevitable. Before they were born we worked as expats in Kazakhstan, India, and the United Arab Emirates, and we had travelled around the world together. So, for our daughters to become ”the travelling twins” was a natural development. We started slowly with a few international and local trips each year from our home, now in Oman. In 2016 I took a step back from wedding photography, and began travelling continuously with the girls. In summer 2018 Nick quit his job to join us. Unlike some other full time travelling families we haven’t sold everything (or maybe not yet). Our base is a cottage in the mountains and forests of southern Poland. We spend each summer there, and the rest of the time we continue pursuing our dreams as the girls grow up exploring the world.

Laska Baby Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Laska Baby TravelIn 2017 our average Australian family of 3 took a drastic lifestyle change: sold everything, packed a van, embraced minimalism, and became free spirits of the Australian land. It’s our mission to help families discover an alternative lifestyle and enjoy children’s focused travels. On our blog you will find a mix of crazy Australian and overseas adventures with great ideas on places to visit, things to do and see with kids on a budget — because we work too! Sharing our adventures is the Legacy building for families and generations to come. “A rolling stone gathers no moss ” Publilius Syrus

The Expat Experiment

Ultimate family travel blog list - Expat ExperimentHi I’m Tracey! My family is behind The Expat Experiment. My Husband Rob and I have always loved to travel. After the birth of our son Makai in 2009, our desire to travel intensified. So much so, we decided to make it a major part of how we live day to day! In 2014 we sold our home and most of our possessions to travel full time as a family. We’re still traveling today! We house sit internationally to get to know destinations on a more local level. We love to share our costs and our opinions on a variety of things in popular tourist destinations and off the beaten path locales. The Expat Experiment loves to find ways to make travel more affordable for everyone. Seventeen countries later and so many amazing family memories we’re still shocked how much cheaper it is to live our travel life than it was for us to live in Canada.


Family Bites Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Family Bites TravelFamily Bites Travel (FBT) is a family travel blog, with purpose. Initially, the blog was a journal that chronicled their travels. Alana Tagliabue, the writer of FBT, traveled as a solo-parent with 3 small kids on a 20-month journey around Asia. With a warts-and-all approach, the reader went on the ride with the family. She made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. The focus of Family Bites Travel now is to show families how to remove the obstacles and their fears associated with family travel. Alana has a background in veterinary studies and conservation, so the emphasis is always on ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free holiday experiences.

World of Travels with Kids

Ultimate family travel blog list - World of Travels with KidsWorld of Travels with Kids is an honest family travel blog dedicated to inspiring others to travel with kids. Currently a family of four from Peru, Nicaragua and Australia they are welcoming a new addition in 2019… and the overseas adventures will begin again. Their expertise comes from their own experiences travelling – first as an expat family in Peru & Nicaragua, and then as frequent visitors to Latin America, and finally as a multicultural family based in Western Australia. They say, “We believe that adventures can be global – and local- and are just one part of our sustainable lifestyle.” As glamorous as international travel can be, they also recognise that belonging to a place, being connected to the environment, and simple routine are an important part of raising children who are global eco-citizens.


Let’s Travel Family

Ultimate family travel blog list - Let's Travel FamilyLet’s Travel Family is a family travel blog providing tips and ideas for full-time RV living with kids, digital nomad lifestyle, and family travel destinations. Jill and Tony, the authors of Let’s Travel Family, are a couple of digital nomads raising their 4 kids while traveling around North American in their Class C Motorhome. They strive to be intentional with their time together as a family while traveling full-time, homeschooling and working on the road.

Crazy Family Adventure

Ultimate family travel blog list - Crazy Family AdventureWe are a family of 6 plus a dog who sold everything, bought an RV and have been traveling full-time around North America since May 2014. When we aren’t out climbing mountains, hiking to a waterfall or playing at the beach we are must likely at the local donut shop or brewery trying to find the best donuts and beer in North America! We love to share stories and information about things to do with kids at the destinations we visit, full time family travel, RV living and working from the road on our blog Crazy Family Adventure.

Otis and Us

Ultimate family travel blog list - Otis and UsOtis and Us Family travel blog started during my maternity leave as I wanted to record all of our outdoor adventures and road trips in our camper van. I am a mom to three beautiful free-spirited children and have a real passion for travelling. Together with Mr Otis and us, we have spent the last three and a half years converting our beloved campervan with a dream to explore and enjoy the simple things in life. We love to share our family days out, holidays, travel tips, reviews and outdoor fun, with an ultimate aim to inspire others to travel, to explore, and to embrace the belief that life is one big adventure …..


Smart Mouse Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Smart Mouse TravelHi, I’m Cristin at Smart Mouse Travel. Our family loves all things Disney, and we have tons of articles on Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line. Part of the reason we love Disney is that my daughter Elizabeth has food allergies, and Disney does a great job in managing food allergies for guests. But our love of travel isn’t limited to Disney! We have visited lots of the U.S. and several countries while maintaining a traditional school schedule. We also believe family travel can mean something different to everyone, and our “family” varies from trip to trip.

Yorkshire Wonders

Ultimate family travel blog list - Yorkshire WondersYorkshire Wonders is a UK family travel blog based in the North of England. There are four of us, Mum, Dad and two children aged 9 and 11. We love to travel as much as possible and have written a great deal of tips for tackling Walt Disney World in Florida. We also like to review hotels and love glamping – the quirkier the better! We visit the Mani Peninsula of Greece frequently as we have a house there and love to write about our Greek adventures. When we get chance we also love to take the kids cruising, and have sailed around Europe and the Caribbean.

The Life of Spicers

Ultimate family travel blog list - The Life of SpicersThe Life Of Spicers is written by Angela who has been inspired by holidays to Walt Disney World. You can find plenty of helpful hints and tips along with trip reports from her time spent at Disney World over the last few years. When Angela and her family aren’t planning Disney holidays or visiting Disney, you can expect to see them finding adventures closer to home which is on the South Coast of the UK in Dorset. With so many amazing places to discover in the UK, they are exploring one adventure as a time.


Ultimate family travel blog list - FlipFlopWeekendKeri works full-time, has two young children yet still makes time for travel and spending time with her family. She started FlipFlopWeekend as a top resource for Florida and Disney travel that caters to this specific audience. Her content has expanded to include general travel planning tips for those on a budget. She knows that mom-life is hard, which is why, through FlipFlopWeekend, she continues to encourage women to take a break, spend time with their family and escape the daily grind…whether that escape is across the street, down Main Street U.S.A, or on the other side of the globe.

Our bucket list lives

Ultimate family travel blog list - Our bucket list livesSuzy McCullough writes over at Our bucket list lives. If you haven’t already guessed it her family travel website is based around their 400+ bucket list. They are full of ideas and inspirations for days out, weekend breaks and overseas travel throughout the UK and the World. Plus top travel tips and reviews of family friendly restaurants. They try to feature as many unique ideas as possible, especially via social media.


Wandering Wagars

Ultimate family travel blog list - Wandering WagarsWandering Wagars is an adventure family travel blog run by Christina and Kevin Wagar. Kevin and Christina travel the world with their two boys in an effort to show them a life of adventure, learning, and culture. While it’s not rare for the Wandering Wagars to spend the day soaking up the sun at a beautiful beach, it’s just as likely that you’ll find them exploring remote castles in Jordan, learning hunting techniques from indigenous tribes in Argentina, or dog sledding across frozen lakes in the northern reaches of Canada.

Adventure and Sunshine

Ultimate family travel blog list - Adventure and SunshineWe are a family of four adventure seekers who hope to inspire families to make their travel dreams a reality. Collectively we have travelled to 56 countries on 6 continents, 31 of these with our children. Here at Adventure and Sunshine we are passionate about affordable family travel, slightly obsessed about getting outdoors and love sharing practical advice on how to travel the world independently with kids. On our blog we share our experience planning and going on a family gap year, provide tips on how to make family travel affordable and encourage families to step a little outside their comfort zone. Because having kids doesn’t mean the end to adventure travel.

TraveLynn Family

Ultimate family travel blog list - TraveLynn FamilyJenny and her family are on a mission to dispel the myth that adventure travel should not wait until the kids are older. Her two boys, who are now 3 and 5 years old, have already traversed India on sleeper trains, trekked for 5 days in the Nepalese Himalayas, meditated with monks in Thailand, and more recently, spent 101 days overlanding sub-Saharan Africa in a Land Rover. They have now returned to the UK and as their eldest has just started school, TraveLynn Family are showing us how adventures can still continue around school terms. Jenny has worked with Lonely Planet and other prestigious travel brands including Hey Iceland, Mountain Warehouse and Malawi Tourism, as well as numerous family-friendly accommodations across the world.

Heading for the Hills

Ultimate family travel blog list - Heading for the HillsWe are Sandra, TJ and Alex from Heading for the Hills. We are an outdoors-loving family and enthusiastic hikers from way back. We love encouraging other families through our blog to get outdoors and spend time together walking and hiking in nature. I’m mad keen about getting kids away from their screens and outdoors. It’s one of the easiest sports to take up and it’s a great family activity. We’re originally from Melbourne but we now live in South Korea where hiking is the number one sport, so we fit right in. There are mountains everywhere here and right at our doorstep.

Family Adventure Project

Ultimate family travel blog list - Family Adventure ProjectThe Family Adventure Project is a multi award winning blog specialising in family travel and family adventure. Journalist Kirstie Pelling, photographer Stuart Wickes and their three children have been discovering outdoor adventure and encouraging other families to travel and get outside together for the last eighteen years. This blog is packed with ideas for outdoor family fun and places to go together. From long gap year biking trips to short, sharp adrenaine filled experiences, they believe adventure creates strong family bonds and encourages creativity and resiliance.


Ultimate family travel blog list - KathrynAnywhereWho is Kathryn? She’s the take-no-prisoners, fuelled by coffee and wine, adrenaline pedal to the metal, Mom of two, passport stamp and airline point collecting, life hacks and outdoors expert. What’s KathrynAnywhere all about? She earned her itchy feet in her youth when her parents took her on summer road trips across Canada and ever since, she has been hooked on the notion of always being on the move! When she’s not “grounded” in Toronto, Canada working in the television industry, with her children in tow, she’s running to peaks for “that” amazing picture, descending under the waves for that weightless feeling or looking for an experience to make her knees weak and kids laugh.

Our Overseas Adventures

Ultimate family travel blog list - Our Overseas AdventuresWe’re a family of four from New Zealand who love travelling the globe! The adults have been to 56 countries and our kids (aged 6 and 8 years old) have visited 34 so far.
Our blog ‘Our Overseas Adventures’ aims to showcase the different destinations that we travel to – often with an adventurous or slightly off-the-beaten track angle. Some of the cool things we’ve done include eating insects in Cambodia, going on safari in Sri Lanka, visiting the Arctic Circle and exploring the medina in Marrakesh. We love inspiring other families to travel too, and share plenty of tips and tricks on our website!


Ultimate family travel blog list - TravelingMelWhat happens when a professional writer and naturalist marries a documentary-style filmmaker? They pursue their passions of playing outdoors and traveling, while documenting it as they go. After leading an outdoor adventure life raising two energetic and intuitive boys in Yellowstone’s backyard (Livingston, Montana), we sold our house in Montana and most of our stuff and set out for a year of full-time family travel in Europe. Now we are back in Montana part time and world traveling the other part of the year. As life long learners (unschoolers, worldschoolers, whatever description works for you), our goal is to explore as much of the world as we can with our boys and inspire others to explore – whether that’s around the world or their own backyards.

Where Is The World

Ultimate family travel blog list - Where Is The WorldWe’re a Canadian family of four who love to push our limits and travel outside of our comfort zone. On the blog we talk about the crazy, off the beaten path destinations we’ve visited, with all the details (including budget) needed for others to plan their own adventure. I want people to know that all kinds of travel is possible with kids. Or at the very least realize that if we can drag our kiddos to the far reaches of the world, they can take their kids anywhere they want to!


Learning to Breath Abroad

Ultimate family travel blog list - Learning to Breathe AbroadHi, we’re Jeanne and Tai, a single mom and an 11 year old boy. Two years ago we set off on an adventure the likes of which I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams! We spent 12 months backpacking through South East Asia, 6 months in a campervan through Europe and the Balkans and for the next trip we’re taking our campervan, Miles McFlattery, to Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Our blog is about the adventures we have on the road, along with travel guides, travel tips and Tai is our roving reporter doing video documentaries about the places we go.

Trippin’ Momma

Ultimate family travel blog list - Trippin' MommaTrippin’ Momma is all about saying Yes to life! This blog is about a single mom who escaped an emotionally abusive marriage and got rid of it all to travel the world full-time with her three daughters. There are many digital nomads out there but Trippin’ Momma shows the way for other inspiring single mom digital nomads in the travel blogging world. Single parents definitely face unique challenges but that doesn’t mean they can’t live the lives they have always dreamed of. Trippin’ Momma shows you how amazing life can be when you choose to push past limiting beliefs and instead say Yes to life each and every day.

Planet Pilgrims

Ultimate family travel blog list - Planet PilgrimsPlanet Pilgrims is a blog by Jessy Lipperts and her daughter Rosie. They travel as much as they can. Jessy has visited 42 countries and Rosie 8 so far. She is 6 year old. They love road trips in Southern Africa. Jessy designs travel itineraries so she is always on the look out for new hotels, lodges, safaris and other highlights to share with her readers. Jessy is not scared to go to some far away places where they might not see another single soul.

Lizzie Lau Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Lizzie Lau TravelsLizzie Lau Travels is a digital resource for the traveling family, written from the perspective of a single parent. After spending nearly 20 years as a global nomad passing herself off as a chef in the yachting industry on boats in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Dubai, Lizzie decided it was time to settle down and have a family. Not content to settle down in a traditional way, she set out to prove that a single mom could still live an adventurous life with a child in tow. At age 8 her daughter has already been on 51 flights, several long road trips, and has also started blogging!

Mumpack Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Mumpack TravelEvie and Emmie are mumpack travel, a solo parent family from Sydney, Australia who spent 2.5 years backpacking through Asia and learnt as much about themselves as they did about the world around them. They camped on the Great Wall of China, swam with mantas in Indonesia, jumped in waterfalls in the Philippines, canoed through Iriomote in Japan and made friends everywhere they visited, finding true happiness on the road.They share all their adventures on their blog, www.mumpacktravel.com and will show you that you can travel long-term and show your children the world. Visit their blog for destination and hotel reviews, tips and advice, and the inspiration you need to take off on your own family adventure.

Single Mum Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Single Mum TravelsThis is me; Tina-Louise author of Single Mum Travels, British travel writer and adventure seeker. I travel the world with my two children; Joshua 10 and Rosa 1 ticking items of my bucket list – Why? To show single mums if we can travel, you can too. Just because you have kids or you’re single with kids doesn’t mean it can’t happen. We’ve done 20 countries, from the Amazon jungle to the deserts of the Middle East to swimming with turtles in Indonesia. Single Mum Travels is a website full of inspiration and advice on how to travel with kids as a solo parent; how to deal with a baby on long flights, travel safety, trip ideas and how to cope being away from home. Recently back from a 4 month backpacking trip around southeast Asia and Africa while on maternity leave I’m ready to hit the road again showing my kids the world!

Travelling Mama

Ultimate family travel blog list - Travelling MamaTravelling Mama is a family travel blog run by Kelly McManus. Kelly is a solo parent to 3 children whom she home-schools. She started the blog to offer helpful travel guides for families, especially solo parents travelling with children alone. As well as travel guides, Kelly writes about her travelling adventures which include topics such as veganism, parenting, home schooling and mindfulness. Her main goal is to inspire families to travel for fun, freedom and happiness whilst making a positive impact on the world as they go. Kelly believes that experiences lived whilst travelling can make us better people and that we can all learn something new from one another to help make the world a better place!


Go Live Young

Ultimate family travel blog list - Go Live YoungWe are Go Live Young, a family of five, with three boys aged 10, 12 and 14. In 2016/17 we spent nine months travelling around the world, leaving behind “normal” life, work and school. It was the adventure of a lifetime: 15 countries visited, 28,000 miles and countless memories created. Now back and living in the UK, we’re travelling as much as the school holidays will allow. Go Live Young, is all about family adventure travel around the world, covering destinations from Bhutan to New Zealand, Fiji to South Africa and Jordan to Norway. More local destinations are also covered within the UK. Travelling with children is an amazing experience for the whole family. We hope to inspire other families to be adventurous and travel the world.

Kids Are A Trip

Ultimate family travel blog list - Kids Are A TripKids Are A Trip is a family travel website focused on encouraging families to explore beyond their backyards. We are a family of five based in the Chicago suburbs, but in the past year we have added two new contributors and a teen travel panel. In over fifteen years of family travel, we have visited close to 30 countries. Kirsten is a former bilingual teacher who believes travel is one of the best educations to give child. Our family lives for outdoor adventures, off-the-beaten-path experiences, and spending time together. Kids Are A Trip is a one stop shop for travel tips, in depth reviews, and inspiration.

Mommy Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Mommy TravelsMommy Travels is a family travel blog covering destinations around the world. Here you will find travel tips, reviews of hotels and restaurants, activity suggestions, itineraries, and more. Whether you are on a tight budget and need to stay close to home, or able to have a luxury European vacation, Mommy Travels will help you plan the ultimate family vacation.

The Travelling Mom

Ultimate family travel blog list - The Travelling MomThe Travelling Mom offers an authentic, real-life modern mom’s guide to family travel sanity. The site is rich with tried, tested and true travel tips, tricks and destination inspiration for the adventurous family traveler. From babies to teens, to multigenerational trip survival tips, we cover everything there is to know about travelling with kids and loved ones of all ages. The Travelling Mom also features destination guides, hotel and product reviews, adventure trips, couple and girlfried getaways, and luxury travel around the world.

Mamma Loves Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Mamma Loves TravelMamma Loves Travel is a travel blog for families with school-aged children and teens. While we might not write about diaper bags and strollers, we share tips about cultural and travel experiences that your older child or teen will love. Our kids are aged 14,10 and 8. Families with older children have different challenges and needs to those travelling with infants and young children. We travelled around Europe as a family in 2015 and have extensive knowledge about places such as Paris, London and the Croatian Adriatic coast and its islands.


Big Family Little Adventures

Ultimate family travel blog list - Big Family Little AdventuresBig Family Little Adventures highlights the fun, excitement and utter chaos that taking a large family on holiday can bring, most places still just cater for the smaller family. Providing lots of hints and tips to make your journeys easier and your packing stress free, currently on a mission to seek out the perfect places to stay with a larger than average family and the best places to visit with a mixed age range of children from 5 to 20. The increase of blended families and multi-generational holidays, means the hunt for larger family holidays and suitable accommodation is on the increase.

Smiths Holiday Road

Ultimate family travel blog list - Smiths Holiday RoadWe are an adventurous family of 5 who never say never! We travel a little differently to most in that our eldest son uses a wheelchair but it doesn’t get in the way of us having explored 25 countries together. We love challenging ourselves and pushing the boundaries. We love travelling as it opens our minds and hearts and proves to us that we can do anything as long as we are together! We share all our adventures on our blog with a special focus on access and inclusion and offer lots of suggestions of thinking outside the box, travelling on a budget and exploring with carry on only luggage. We love making connections with new people and each other. From Melbourne and beyond.

Minivan Adventures

Ultimate family travel blog list - Minivan AdventuresWe are a road-tripping family of five from Michigan who loves outdoor and off-the-beaten path adventures. Our family especially enjoys waterfalls, awesome playgrounds and quirky roadside attractions! Most of the time, our minivan is pointed towards a destination in the Midwest United States. However, we have been known to venture to other areas of the country as well (including an amazing 15-day, 5,000-mile cross-country road trip). Follow our minivan adventures as we discover interesting small towns, unique tourist stops, bizarre roadside attractions, interesting hikes, waterfalls and playgrounds all across the United States.


Ultimate family travel blog list - FunTravelingWithKidsMy blog FunTravelingWithKids is a labor of love, a place where I want to share the joys of exploring the world with your children. You’ll find hands-on tips for road trips and airplane travel to avoid those meltdown moments both from parents and kids alike as well as city and country-specific guides. My guides are aimed as travel resources with as much detail as possible to make planning your next family vacation easy with a focus on Asia, Europe, and Oceania. I have been traveling with my three kids ever since they were little, mostly by myself. Along the way, I’ve learned so much on how to make traveling with kids that little bit less stressful. It is so awesome to see the world through their eyes. I do hope my blog will inspire you to pack your bags and travel the world with your family.

Free to Travel Mama

Ultimate family travel blog list - Free To Travel MamaFree to Travel Mama is a travel blog devoted to creating high-quality, detailed content to help others plan their own amazing travel adventures. We are a family of five with three children ages 5-8. We are primarily budget travelers, but also take great joy in finding money saving tips for luxury splurges. Free to Travel Mama also strives to inspire others to live a life of simplicity when it comes to material goods, and to spend precious time and money on experiences that will last a lifetime. We hope our travels help inspire you to plan your own next adventure!

Wanderlust Storytellers

Ultimate family travel blog list - Wanderlust StorytellersWe are the Ejmont family, just your average family working extremely hard to create a life that is just that bit more extraordinary. We did not sell everything to make this dream come true, and we did not have tonnes of money to get things started. And no, we can’t even travel full-time because we are a blended. Our daughters attend school. So I guess that we are really just like you and your family. Well sort off. Our adventure as the Wanderlust Storytellers begun simply as a dream of a better life for us and our three beautiful daughters. Today, we are travelling all around the world, working with amazing brands and destinations as family travel journalists. On our blog you will find loads of helpful information on how to travel with a baby, a toddler as well as with young kids.

Mini Travellers

Ultimate family travel blog list - MiniTravellers“What makes Mini Travelers unique?” When I asked my readers this question a few months ago I got some lovely replies. A couple of my favourites were: ‘Makes people realise that it is possible to do cool and interesting things as a family’, and, ‘I love the fact that you cover everything from Rwanda to Disney and days out at home; something for everyone’. They put it much better than I could do myself! Mini Travellers shows that having three young children doesn’t have to stifle your love of travel. It means you have to be more prepared and a whole new checklist of essential items is required but now in its fourth year Mini Travellers continues to inspire and engage with an audience of parents who are having a lot of fun.


Ultimate family travel blog list - GlobetottingGlobetotting is a travel blog dedicated to discovering the world with kids. Run by Katja along with her three children and husband, this British family of five have spent the last 12 years living abroad in Australia, India and Mexico and are now based in London, U.K. Globetotting covers far flung destinations including Guatemala, India, Mongolia and Mexico as well as countries closer to home, such as their recent winter weekend in Iceland. The blog also features a dedicated guide to London with kids filled with insider tips to exploring England’s’ capital. Katja is a firm believer that you can – and should! – take your kids everywhere.


Ultimate family travel blog list - Our3kidsvtheworldHi I’m Sally and owner of Family Travel Blog – www.our3kidsvtheworld.com. My blog details travel with your bigger than usual family, we have 3 kids aged 14, 11 and 9 years old. When we started travelling with the kids, we quickly learnt travel becomes expensive when you are outside the nuclear family of 2 adults and 2 kids. Even more so now the kids are getting older and we are pretty much forced to have 2 rooms when travelling. Don’t help when you tastes are far from budget travel. It’s all part of the fun though and we always find a way.


From the Poolside

Ultimate family travel blog list - From The PoolsideStéphanie, a French mum living in London, aims to find the best villa and hotel with pools for families that you couldn’t find yourself. From the Poolside is her personal extensive collection of delightful holiday places where they stayed or would like to stay. You can find gorgeous boutique hotels with pools and villa rentals all perfect for families with young children. They all satisfy a taste for chic interiors and a relaxed approach towards families. There is a great collection of beautiful places in Europe. Proof that you can still travel in style when you have children.

Wandermust Family

Ultimate family travel blog list - Wandermust FamilyThe Wandermust Family are on a global adventure to prove that luxury travel doesn’t have to stop once you have a family. Their fearless approach to travel means that no type of travel or destination is off limits. 2018 was the year of their round the world trip and they have now relocated to the UAE so expect more adventures in the Middle East and beyond in 2019! Leona, her husband and 2 year old toddler are committed to seeing the world in style.


Family Travel in the Middle East

Ultimate family travel blog list - Family Travel in the Middle EastWhilst the Middle East region is slowly opening up to tourism, it still remains quite shrouded in mystery to outsiders. Many are unfamiliar with the customs, language and cultures of the region and along with an overall lack of tourist information makes it a more challenging destination for family travellers. Recognising this, a Middle East chat group was started by Keri Hedrick, an expat mum of three who had travelled the region extensively for 5 years. As the personal stories and recommendations grew a blog was created to share factual visitor guides, personal stories and stunning photography from the Middle East region. It is run as a collaborative site so you will find plenty of guest writers sharing their experiences, along with support for those hard to ask questions in an online community. The blog contains a great educational element as well as inspiring and preparing travellers to the Middle East region – getting beyond Dubai and the big cities!

Rolling Along With Kids

Ultimate family travel blog list - Rolling Along With KidsThe main focus of our blog is on travelling to Bali with kids. Our blog shares our families experiences and helps to inspire other families to holiday in Bali. We love to share the details that we as a family like to know and help families to plan their best holiday possible. We live in Australia, regularly travel to Bali and understand what overwhelms families the most. This ranges from choosing the right place to stay, working out what activities to do or choosing a Bali nanny to help out with the kids. As you can tell, we are just a bit addicted to Bali, we would love to live there one day!

Smart Steps to Australia

Ultimate family travel blog list - Smart Steps to AustraliaSmart Steps to Australia is a blog by travel writer, Karen Bleakley. Karen and her family moved from the UK to Australia four years ago and now she helps families take the stress out of relocating to the other side of the world through her blog and her supportive Facebook community. As a regular writer for Australia and New Zealand magazine, Karen enjoys travelling with her family in Australia and has carved out a section of her blog to profile family travel experiences to encourage new arrivals to get out and explore this beautiful country. It also serves to inspire families who are in the middle of the long visa process as it reminds them what types of experiences they have to look forward to when they land.

Chasing the Donkey

Ultimate family travel blog list - Chasing The DonkeyChasing the Donkey is a blog recommended by Lonely Planet as the go-to blog for Croatia. Written by two Australians who live on the Dalmatian coast after relocating from Australia in 2013. Chasing the Donkey provides easy to follow guides for the whole Balkans. This family travel all over Croatia and the Balkans with their two small children and they give tips on where to eat with kids, kids hotels and where to take kids to play and have fun when you travel to Croatia and beyond.

Becoming You

Ultimate family travel blog list - Becoming YouBecoming You is a lifestyle and family travel blog written by Kathryn Rossiter, who loves blogging as it combines her passions for writing, photography, travel and family! Based in Cape Town, South Africa, this family of 4 love adventuring in their home country and beyond! Stand out travel experiences for their family include meandering the back streets of Stone Town in Zanzibar, cruising to a deserted island in Mozambique, zip-lining in the Drakensberg mountains, visiting the Hole in the Wall on the Wild Coast, walking with cheetah in the Karoo and hiking, camping and swimming in the two oceans while living the good life at the tip of Africa! Currently the focus of their family travel content is currently South Africa and Africa, however they will soon be venturing further afield as they have recently booked tickets for their kids’ first international flight and will soon be indulging in all things Italy.


Our Globetrotters

Ultimate family travel blog list - Our GlobetrottersKeri & her 3 Globetrotters are a British/Australian expat family based in the United Arab Emirates, using this central hub as a chance to travel the world every chance they get. Written as a personal journal with loads of practical travel tips thrown in, the Globetrotters are long-haul flying specialists with an extensive catalogue of airline reviews and flying advice. Their blog covers interviews with expat families living around the world as well as stories from their favourite destinations around the Middle East, Asia and their home country of Australia. One for those who like their travels a little more off the beaten path – but can’t resist a little luxury still thrown into their adventure!

Pack More Into Life

Ultimate family travel blog list - Pack More Into LifeHello! My name is Chelsea and I started my family friendly travel blog after living in Europe for 2.5 years and traveling to over 30 countries. I’ve always loved traveling and helping families realize that travel is doable, even with young children! I am a military wife, a special education teacher and a travel writer. I aim to share our love of traveling, give you tips to make sure that your trip is perfect and packed with fun for everyone! I’m adding content, written by me each week, but there is plenty already on the blog to explore from trips to the Netherlands, Finland (Santa Claus Village) and the East coast of the US. Happy to connect and answer any questions you may have.

Little Miss Kate

Ultimate family travel blog list - Little Miss KateLittle Miss Kate is a blog about Embracing the Chaos of Motherhood one day at a time. We write and share experiences of motherhood and reviews on products and services to help making parenting easier. Little Miss Kate and Company is a well established resource for family travel especially in Ontario, we like to focus on tips and money saving tricks to make travelling with children more affordable and easier! We also feature family friendly recipes, promotion of local events for kids in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area, and educational activities for kids.

Itchy Feet Family

Ultimate family travel blog list - Itchy Feet TravelItchy Feet Family is a family of four from Adelaide, South Australia, who love to inspire other families to dust off the passport and see the world. We are 9-5ers who take every opportunity to explore and we are always itchy for more. Avid cruisers, we enjoy sharing our experiences of different ships, port day activities and highlights of our destinations. From Christmas Cruises in the South Pacific, Carribbean Cruises from Florida to the breathtaking Glacier Bay in Alaska and midnight dining whilst cruising the Norwegian Fjords, we have some great family cruising tales to share.

Mum on the Move

Ultimate family travel blog list - Mum on the MoveMum on the Move is a family travel blog full of destination information, family travel tips, hotel and product reviews, focusing mainly on the Asia and Australia regions. Mum on the Move writer Marianne Rogerson believes passionately that having kids doesn’t have to stop you from from taking adventurous trips, and this is reflected in many of the articles on Mum on the Move. Marianne’s 5 and 7 year old kids have been bamboo rafting in China, snorkeling in Indonesia, kayaking with fireflies in the Philippines, climbing temples in Myanmar and walking the canopy walkways in Borneo, on top of many more fun family adventures.

Learning Escapes

Ultimate family travel blog list - Learning EscapesOur family travel blog follows the trips of Italian mama Marta (me!), my husband and two kids, now 8 and 6. We travel whenever school allows and we mix family city breaks in Europe with longer summer holidays farther afield. Favourite destinations lately have been Amsterdam and the South West of the United States. I love creating itineraries and finding attractions that both us adults and the kids can enjoy together. I am an anxious traveller so on our blog you find inspiration but also a lot of practical details on what to expect and what a place is really like when visited with opinionated little travellers in your party!

Hill Tribe Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Hill Tribe TravelsWe describe ourselves as an everyday family with a big love of all things travel – Amber, Ross, Ned and Olive. From bigger OS adventures to camping locally on the weekends to taking the kids on bushwalks around Melbourne. We thought that starting Hill Tribe Travels would be a fabulous way to not only document our travels and have a fantastic resource for the kids to look back on, but we thought it might also help and inspire other families to get out there and start exploring and travelling. We are not the biggest, we are not the best, we don’t have unlimited annual leave, but what we are is passionate, a 100% genuine, honest and lovely family with a devotion to all things travel.

DQ Family Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - DQ Family TravelHello, I’m Margie…a teacher turned travel blogger. DQ Family Travel was a site born by our passion to share the places our family has visited and inspire others to travel. We focus on family travel around the United States, travel tips and ways to save money on travel. Our family recently created a bucket list of visiting all 50 states before the kids graduate high school. We currently have 32/50 states explored. We also just embarked on a new adventure and moved to New England from Florida. Currently, we plan weekend getaways around the northeast and are enjoying the change of seasons.

Parenthood and Passports

Ultimate family travel blog list - Parenthood and PassportsDamon and Melissa have been traveling the world with their daughter since shortly after she was born. From the cobblestone streets of Europe to the dirt roads in Central America, their goal is visit all seven continents as a family by the time their daughter turns ten years old. Founded by two award-winning journalists, Parenthood and Passports is a resource to help parents travel safely, easily, and boldly with kids in tow. For every destination they visit, they provide detailed reviews, well-researched itineraries, and tips and lessons learned through their own experience traveling with a pint-sized passenger. Although travel is their passion, Damon and Melissa haven’t quit their day jobs. Instead, they love showing other ordinary, working parents how to prioritize travel, budget, save, and see the world — one week off at a time.

Walking On Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Walking On TravelsWalking On Travels was founded by Keryn Means for active parents like her who didn’t want to stop their lives, they simply wanted to bring their kids along for the ride. Started in 2011, She’s been showing parents how to still enjoy all of the things they love (food, cocktails, shopping, great hotels, museums, historic attractions) without bringing it down to the “kiddie” level at all times. She focuses on the baby years through grade school, with a heavy leaning on those early years to help new moms get past their fears and head out the door. Don’t worry, she’s been there. She’s struggled just like you (postpartum depression, getting peed on during her first flight with an infant, massive tantrums in peaceful historic places and all). You aren’t in it alone and you definitely do not have to wait until your kids go to college to travel again. Come on… let’s go on an adventure together!

More Life In Your Days

Ultimate family travel blog list - More Life in your DaysWe got engaged in Myanmar, canoed with crocodiles and hippos on the Zambezi for our honeymoon and went to Sri Lanka for a month-long babymoon before becoming parents. We thought that having a child would be the end of our travelling adventures, but in reality, we probably travel more now than ever before. Every time we go to far away places we are met with astonished reactions from others who can’t quite believe that we would do such a thing with young children. Our blog aims to give people the confidence and tools needed to embark on their own adventures with babies and toddlers. We provide travel inspiration and tips to help you decide where and how to travel, along with money-making ideas to help fund your travel aspirations.

Passports and Adventures

Ultimate family travel blog list - Passports and AdventuresPassports and Adventures is a family travel blog by me, Cath, an Irish expat now living in Portugal. I’m a former scientist and gave up working when we emigrated south from the UK. My blog is based around our travels with our young son who is 5. Through my blog I hope we will inspire more families to travel, especially with the toddlers in tow, be it at home or abroad. As a family we love travelling and have started working our way through our family travel bucket list. We love showing that travelling with young kids can be fun and rewarding.

Happiness Travels Here

Ultimate family travel blog list - Happiness Travels HereHappiness Travels Here started after we packed up our life in New Zealand and moved to Germany, as an avid traveller before kids moving to Europe gave a fantastic opportunity to introduce our kids to the delights of travel. Now living in the USA we have even more of the world to explore. Our travel style is affordable travel, we splurge for comforts in places our money stretches further and find budget-friendly hacks in expensive destinations. We don’t want to miss out on adult fun so find family-friendly ways to still enjoy museums, wineries, restaurants, city tours and more. On the blog you will find travel tips, kid-friendly destination guides, how to use house swapping to travel for free and travel health articles where I draw on my experience as a medical doctor. Come and take a look.

Bambinos Without Borders

Ultimate family travel blog list - Bambinos Without BordersBambinos Without Borders is about creating a global life with kids in tow. I believe that kids should travel early and travel often. Travel gives us transformative experiences unattainable anywhere else, allowing us to see the world as a greater whole and gain an appreciation for it. Through travel children learn tolerance, empathy, sustainability, flexibility, and humanity. I want to make travel more accessible to families and give you the tools you need to create memorable experiences for your children. Through relatable stories, travel tips, and destination guides, Bambinos Without Borders encourages parents to travel more with their children to help develop their global citizenship.

Show Them The Globe

Ultimate family travel blog list - Show Them The Globe8 weeks after our first baby, J, arrived into the world we set off for Africa and 12 months later we’ve travelled to 14 countries as a family. Having written about our travels on The Whole World is a Playground for almost 5 years, we wanted to share our adventures as a family and so we started Show Them the Globe: from watching the hot air balloons dance across the sky in Cappadocia, having elephants wade past our room in South Africa, swimming in wadis in Oman, dressing in Hanboks in Seoul and celebrating first birthdays in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia everything is still possible with a baby and, for us, our travels are more fun than ever!

Four Around The World

Ultimate family travel blog list - Four Around The WorldMy husband and I always loved to travel and we have raised our girls with a passion for adventures too. At 3 and 5 years of age, they have been to 15 countries and are a big focus for our travel planning. Many of our friends marvel that we travel with our kids, even before they were walking. Our goal is to break down perceptions that travelling with children is hard. Sure, it has its challenges, but the memories you make as a family and the world learning experiences your children get are worth it. Four Around The World is our place to share our experiences and tips to help other families.

Trip Chiefs

Ultimate family travel blog list - TripChiefsWhen it comes to organising an amazing family trip overseas or an epic road-trip, it can be overwhelming to realise everything that needs to be organised. So Trip Chiefs has set out to help make family travel easier, so you can start taking extraordinary vacations. Trip Chief’s show you the pitfalls, tips and tricks, when it comes to saving money to travel, budgeting, planning, booking, flying and even heading off on your trip.
Founder Nicci O’Mara believes that travel with kids doesn’t need to be difficult. “It’s the most incredible experience you can have with your family, and can be so much easier with the right tools, knowledge and helpful community.”

Travel with Boys

Ultimate family travel blog list - Travel With BoysMother to two energetic boys, Nicci O’Mara established Travel with Boys to highlight the best things to see, do, eat, stay and play around the world for families, in particular, those with boys. Nicci aims to help give parents the confidence, inspiration and resources to get out there and create some amazing memories exploring near and far. If you’re looking for destination information on Australia, USA, Europe and more, Travel with Boys is a great resource.

Kids and Compass

Ultimate family travel blog list - Kids and CompassI’m Emily, writer of Kids and Compass family travel blog. The blog is about adventure and cultural travel with small kids. When my husband and I first experienced the shock of becoming parents we thought our travelling days were done! We didn’t take a trip until our kids were 3 and 1, but we made it an adventurous trip; we went to Jordan. We want to encourage other parents to travel with their kids; especially if they don’t think it’s possible, like we once did! On the blog you’ll find detailed itineraries for the destinations we’ve visited; geared to families of course. We also love to explore our native UK so there are city guides and reviews of days out, mainly covering attractions in the south of the UK where we live.

Thrifty Family Travels

Ultimate family travel blog list - Thrifty Family TravelsThrifty Family Travels are big believers that true adventure doesn’t have to stop when kids come along. They show parents that family holidays don’t always need to be about Disneyland (although that certainly is fun too!) and that kids love getting off the beaten track and learning about new cultures too. The blog provides practical advice on how best to visit a destination including detailed itineraries, tips on the best family accommodation and how best to get around. Thrifty Family Travels is all about showing families how to make their dollar go further whilst travelling without ever compromising on experience.


Ultimate family travel blog list - MySoulTravelsTraveling has always had a special place in my heart. From discovering new places to visiting the most remote places on earth, it has always fascinated me and added fuel to my unquenchable thirst to learn more about new countries and their cultures. I and my husband were frequent travelers and didn’t want to give up on travel after our baby. So, we traveled within India for the first few months after his birth and but finally dared to travel internationally with an infant in tow. MySoulTravels is a collection of our trip tales, destination guides, and kid-friendly travel tips in hope that we are able to encourage new parents to follow their passion and travel more with kids.

Momma To Go

Ultimate family travel blog list - Momma To GoHi! I’m Harmony Skillman and I am the Long Island mom behind the family travel site, Momma To Go. I have two kids (age 9 and 7) and am honestly, always on the move. I love to share my best travel tips, destination guides and I strive to inspire other families to get out and explore. As a family, we like try new things! We do love our beach adventures (we live right by the Atlantic Coast), cruising, city trips, amusement parks, luxury travel, road trips – you name it! I love planning our families travels and I am just getting started as a Vacation Planning Specialist!

Passport Kids

Ultimate family travel blog list - Passport KidsWe are the Passport Kids and just returned back from a 1-year trip around the world with our two kids. We took a year off from everything and decided to explore 23 countries with our kids to show them a slice of this world. Exploring new places, going on adventures, and taking all the moments in with our kids along the way. Travelling with kids gets even more exciting and allows us adults to see the world through our children’s eyes. Our goal is to help families realize they can travel anywhere with their kids and to inspire families to take that trip they have always been dreaming about.

Baby Can Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Baby Can TravelOnce we started travelling with our daughter when she was a baby, we knew we wanted to start a blog that would encourage and inspire other parents to keep travelling with their baby or toddler. We created Baby Can Travel, which focuses on travel with a baby or toddler. On our site, you’ll find all the tips, tricks and gear for travelling with a baby or toddler plus plenty of destination specifics. We love to share all the tips about using a stroller, where to buy baby food or diapers and things to do with a baby or toddler!

Family Can Travel

Ultimate family travel blog list - Family Can TravelWe love every new adventure we get to embark on with our kids, especially as they get older and we can shift our travel style back to what we truly love, active family travel. For each new place we visit, we look for the best city walks, hiking or anything that will get us out in nature. On our Family Can Travel blog you’ll find stories of all the active things we’ve done with our kids around the globe, from chasing waterfalls in Iceland to swimming in cenotes in Mexico.

Flying With A Baby

Ultimate family travel blog list - Flying with a babyCarrie used to be a long haul flight attendant before becoming a parent. She began travelling overseas as a family when her youngest was 11 weeks old. Now her eldest (6), has completed over 60 flights and her youngest (4) 35 to various places over the globe. Her family travel blog, ‘Flying With A Baby’ covers everything from preparation to arrival, family holiday destination guides, family friendly hotel/resort reviews, product recommendations, airline reviews, holiday tips, activities and much more. The site aims to help busy parents with advice, tips, planning and inspiration so they are prepared and confident and can fully enjoy their family holiday.

No Back Home

Ultimate family travel blog list - No Back HomeA travel obsessed mom with a nature obsessed son explore the world from their home base in Southern California seeking out the cutest animals, most scenic nature escapes and colorful cultures. Currently taking a gap year to learn languages, see some of the world’s top monuments and try their hand at local arts like weaving and pottery, Karilyn and her son are recording it all on their family travel blog No Back Home. This multinational family, Karilyn – American, her Indian born son and Irish husband (who only sometimes joins in on the fun!), share details on how to recreate their trips, what not to do, and inspirational stories on traveling as backpackers, flashpackers and in luxury too!

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