The best Father’s Day gifts 2021 – for dads that love travel

In case it has slipped your mind, Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June. As parents, it would of course be nice to be celebrated (or at least appreciated) every day but since that’s not likely to happen we’ll have to settle for once a year during Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite a struggle to come up with a meaningful and original gift year after year, both for my own dad and my partner. Men are notoriously hard to buy for! Despite dads always saying they ‘already have everything’ not giving a gift isn’t an option. Dads like to be appreciated too! So this inspiring list, created with the collective wisdom of my fellow travel bloggers, gives you lots of travel gift ideas for dad.

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For a Mother’s Day gift dads and kids can often get away with some nice flowers and a drawing, but I’m actually not sure what the equivalent for that would be for dads. A pair of socks maybe? As I was recently discussing with one of my fellow travel bloggers, somehow gifts for Father’s Day always seem a bit ‘random’. And like I already said, I usually struggle to come up with a really good Father’s Day present. To show our love and appreciation though, I definitely like our gift to be a bit more meaningful than socks… And since I think a lot of people do as well, my travel blogging friends and I have come up with this inspiring list with the best gifts for dad. Most of the gifts in this post are Amazon gifts for dad, making it super easy for you to order your favorite Father’s Day gift with just a few clicks.

First off, let’s start with some Father’s Day gift advice:

  • Even though dad might say he ‘already has everything and wants nothing’ he will be disappointed if you don’t have a present, however small it may be
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute, make sure you order well ahead.
  • If it does turn out you left it too late, make dad a gift card so he knows you did think of him.
  • Get dad something he can actually use, dads are generally more partial to practical gifts than moms
  • If dad has a hobby you’re in luck! Boating, fishing, camping, bbq-ing, playing golf, tennis or another sport… Lots of inspiration there!

The best tech gifts for dad

We’ve divided this Father’s Day gift guide into different sections, with the best tech gifts for men leading the way. Whatever the occasion, be it Father’s Day, dad’s birthday, Christmas or another celebration, electronic gifts for dad are always a hit. Better start saving though, because most tech gifts require a bit of budget.

GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9 is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves taking videos while traveling! This durable little action camera will take crisp 5K footage of all your adventures. With hyper smooth stabilization and underwater recording capabilities, every adventure can be captured to remember for years to come!

The GoPro 9 has screens on both the front and back for optimal recording views and can also be used to take exceptional photos! Additional features include time-lapse, wide-angle and slow-mo recording. Be sure to add in an accessory kit so Dad can mount his GoPro to his bike, surfboard, selfie stick or backpack!

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Recommended by Charlene from Adventure with the Hills

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

One of the best Father’s Day gifts for a travel-loving man is the Garmin 245. It’s a smartwatch for an outdoor enthusiast.

The Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is great if you love national parks or hiking. It has the ability to track your distance, oxygen levels, energy level, and how much time you need to recover. These features also come in handy if you enjoy trail running.

It is also great for those who travel on airplanes because of its ability to download music and books. It also helps you keep track of your phone which is probably the best option of all.

This is a great gift for any dad!

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Recommended by Lisa from Planning Away

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is definitely one of the best Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to travel simply because it is one of the best travel laptops out there. Weighing a mere 1.2 lbs (544 g), this 2-in-1 laptop is incredibly light and portable. In fact, it barely takes up any space in a backpack!

This tiny laptop is also super flexible as it can be turned into a tablet too. In fact, you can use it even with just one hand and the touchscreen function is very convenient. This travel laptop is perfect for casual everyday tasks such as emailing, browsing, and streaming. It is also great for drawing and note-taking given that it’s a tablet too!

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Recommended by Jiayi of The Diary of a Nomad

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII

If dad is an avid traveler, there is no better gift to get him than a proper travel camera. One of the best cameras in the market right now is the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII.

Weighing in at 302 grams, or 0.67 lb, the RX100 VII is a compact point-and-shoot camera that is perfect for blogging, travel, or just everyday use. Its excellent portability combined with ease-of-use is ideal for fathers that want great pictures without the hassle of a professional camera.

This pocketable camera allows fathers to carry it with them at all times, capturing raw moments that will turn into precious memories. The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Recommended by Sean from LivingOutLau

Best outdoor gifts for dad

If dad likes camping, hiking, or simply spending time in nature you’ll have your choice of outdoor gift ideas for dad. There are plenty of great gifts for outdoorsmen. Be creative when coming up with gifts for outdoor dads. Even though he may say he already has it all, there are bound to be outdoor dad gifts that would make him very happy. Get inspired by our suggestions below and don’t forget to check out the latest outdoor and camping gadgets on Amazon.

camping gifts for dad

Leatherman multitool

For a dad who does it all, you should get a Leatherman that does it all.

Leatherman multipurpose tools are loaded with heavy-duty features and make perfect companions for those who create, repair, and build every day, even during their holidays. A Leatherman is one of the most advanced multipurpose tools ever made and the best Fathers’ Day gift for dads that love to travel. From hiking, fishing, camping outdoors, or exploring all over the world, a Leatherman tool is reliable for any adventure and makes the perfect gift for dad.

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Recommended by Stéphanie from Bey Of Travel

Aeropress travel coffee maker

If Dad appreciates a good cup of coffee as much as he likes to travel, he needs an Aeropress. It’s not your typical coffee maker as it is made of plastic and the plunger has an airtight silicone seal. He can use the Aeropress to make coffee anywhere because no electricity is required. All he needs is some hot water and ground coffee. The cleanup afterward is a breeze too.

This portable travel coffee maker is so small it can easily fit in a backpack when he travels. But he will love the coffee (and espresso) so much he will want to use the travel coffee maker at home too. It’s an affordable Father’s Day gift that he will use every day.

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Recommended by Anisa from Two Traveling Texans


Binoculars are an amazing travel gift for dads who love to travel. They can be useful on any trip but specifically if time in nature will be part of it. There are so many things to discover and with a pair of binoculars on hand, it is so much easier to get a closer look.

Binoculars are available in a wide price range. We like these high end Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars for a dad that means serious business. For more recreational purposes, these binoculars with universal phone adapter are a great gift.

No matter if you are whale watching from a boat, birdwatching on a hike, or climbing up to a viewpoint to get a better look at the city you are staying in – with the ability to see things far away close up, you will discover a whole new perspective of your travel destination. And of course, binoculars are also a great tool to keep the kids entertained (birdwatching with kids is great!) when you need a minute for yourself.

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Recommended by Eva from Kids and the Outdoors

Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask

While traveling in summer or winter, it isn’t easy to keep water at a perfect temperature. So, in this Father’s Day celebration, Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask would be the ideal gift for any dad. It’s a live saver to any road trip.

This vacuum-insulated Milton flask is made of 304-grade durable stainless steel, which prevents rusting. It has double-walled vacuum insulated technology to maintain the proper temperature for almost 24 hours. The heat is retained via a unique copper lining within. The singular flip lid is manufactured for spill-free pouring or can be used to drink directly from the flask. This insulated water bottle comes with a nice carrying bag.

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Recommended by Ruma from The Holiday Story

Best gadget gifts for dad

Most men love gadgets, but the best gadgets for dads are things that solve a problem, things that are useful. Of course you could go for a pair of Bluetooth earmuffs but unless you think dad is actually going to use them you’re just throwing away money. Take a look at the cool gadgets for dad below. If your perfect gift isn’t there, also check the best gadgets for dad on Amazon.

Solar charger power bank

A fantastic father’s day gift for the outdoorsy, adventure-loving dad is a solar charger power bank. Just like a regular power bank, it charges up your battery-powered items, but unlike a power bank that has to recharge via an electrical outlet, you can charge it up with the sun. An essential item for any road trip packing list, it’s also perfect for when you’re hiking or camping and can’t rely on having electricity.

We like this solar charger because it’s lightweight and can charge multiple devices at once. It’s waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof and comes with an LED flashlight, making it a multifunctional dad gadget that any adventure dad will love having.

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Recommended by Christina from Live A Wilder Life

RFID blocking wallet

If you’re looking for a great travel-related father’s day gift, a brand new wallet is an awesome idea (in fact, it’s a good travel gift for moms as well!). A regular one is nice enough, but how about an RFID-blocking bifold wallet made from quality leather?

It’s something your dad or partner will be using every day – both at home and on a trip – so you can be sure your gift is going to be well-used. Other than holding money and any important documents, the RFID blocking feature prevents the electronic stealing of information. This way the important man in your life can bring his credit cards along without worrying.

There are many options available online, but this one is particularly appealing since it’s made from quality Argentinian leather and has a slim fit with large capacity.

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Recommended by Barbara from Mums on Flipflops

Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, even when you can’t really get away at all. In those cases, I just slip on my noise-cancelling headset, hit my favorites list and escape from the world.

They are also particularly useful on long flights where I might even want to watch a movie before slipping into melody-induced sleep. And believe me, before these babies came along, I could never fall asleep on an airplane.

Comfortable, lightweight, with a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect Father’s Day gift for traveling dads of all ages.

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Recommended by Jim from Grannies Go Digital

Kindle ebook reader

Books and vacations go hand in hand. Whether the father in your life likes to read on the plane, on the beach, or have a guidebook everywhere he goes, having a book along can enhance any trip. But books do take up a lot of luggage space and weight.

A Kindle e-reader is a perfect gift for a dad who loves to travel because he can bring an unlimited number of books with him without the added weight. He can also purchase new books on the go, without having to stop into a bookstore. And for the dad who loves to lug around a guidebook? A lightweight and ultra-slim e-reader is much easier to carry all day than a heavy guidebook, and just as easy to use.

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Recommended by Dani from Diapers in Paradise

ThxToms LED flashlight gloves

Holding a flashlight makes two-handed jobs hard. These fingerless LED flashlight gloves are perfect if dad needs some extra light and there’s no one to help. Perfect for working in tight, dark corners around the house, doing maintenance, but also for camping, night fishing or basically any other situation you might want some extra light.

The design of the gloves with the led light on your index finger will make sure it lights the spot where you want to work, instead of shining in your eyes. The material is stretchy and lightweight and will fit all but the very largest hands. Each glove contains 2 CR2016 batteries that are easy to replace.

This is a great example of a gadget gift that actually has practical use. Dads will love it!

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Recommended by Lisa from FlipFlopGlobetrotters

Best useful gifts for dad

While getting dad a pair of socks might seem a bit impersonal (unless they’re high quality hiking socks or maybe some cool personalized socks), there are plenty of other travel related practical gifts for dad that he will love.

Ably Apparel travel clothes

Ably Apparel is the perfect Father’s Day gift for any man that loves traveling. All clothes in this label are treated with Filium which turns fabric into water-resistant, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant clothing.

This is perfect for men who sweat a lot when traveling in hot, humid climates as perspiration evaporates through the breathable fabric, and the water-resistant properties keep clothes dry. In addition, Ably clothes can easily be worn for a week or more before needing to be washed due to the odor repelling fabric.

We have thoroughly tested out our Ably Apparel over 3 years of full-time travel and we highly recommend them. Not only are they soft and comfortable to wear, but you will need to pack fewer clothes and wash them less often. What’s not to love about that!

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Recommended by Peta and Jonas of Exit45 Travels

Sturdy hiking boots

Nothing makes you more miserable than having sore feet. This is especially true if you are camping and want to do any hikes. Accordingly, one of the best Father’s Day gifts you could purchase is an amazing pair of hiking shoes or boots. In my opinion, Adidas makes some of the best hiking shoes and boots around.

Adidas uses its superb athletic and footwear technology when making its hiking shoes. This includes exceptional comfort, support, and traction on the outsoles. In addition, it offers a selection of hiking shoes with insulation for cold weather, Gore-Tex or Climaproof for waterproofing, or even recycled plastics for more eco-friendly choices. Models to consider are the Adidas Terrex Trailmaker Gore-Tex, the Adidas Terrex Scope High GTX or the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX.

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Recommended by Nicole from Go Far Grow Close

Orihea Sleeping Mask

All travel-loving dads will find themselves in need of sleep on a train, plane, or too-bright hotel room at one time or another. So to ensure they can get their twenty winks, treat them to a black-out sleeping mask from Orihea. Not only is it super comfortable and lightweight for sleeping in, but it blocks out 100% of light, so he can sleep easily.

Unlike other eye masks, the Orihea mask cups the eyes, not touching the lids or getting in the way of eyelashes, something that makes it feel like wearing nothing at all! Plus, by taking your own mask onboard a plane, you can leave the airline freebie for someone else to enjoy – cutting back on unnecessary waste.

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Recommended by Nadine from Zero Waste Memoirs

High-Quality Travel Pillow

My partner flies 4 times a month just for work and after months of hearing about how he can’t sleep on flights, I was determined to find him something to help. Last year I bought him an ergonomically designed travel pillow with firm, tall sides and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

For months he had been using a cheap neck pillow with barely any stuffing and next to no support. Once he switched to the ergonomic memory foam pillow he found it easier to sleep on a flight and arrives at his destination feeling much better.

To make sure you’re getting the best option, choose something with tall sides that wraps fully around, is adjustable and ergonomically designed. Something made from memory foam is the best option for extra support.

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Sophie from Australian Coffee lovers

Travel laptop backpack

If you are looking for an awesome Father’s day gift then I definitely recommend this travel laptop backpack; perfect for any traveling dad. Not only is it practical but it is also stylish and comfortable with its padded shoulder straps.

It has many great features including the anti-theft pocket at the back which protects all your valuables. There is also plenty of room to fit all his favorite gadgets and a 17-inch computer. The USB charging port is really useful as you don’t have to fumble inside your bag with all the cables; you can just plug the phone into the outside charging port. It is also water-resistant which is always handy if the weather changes on you last minute during your travels.

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Recommended by Asha from Home Travel Guide

Airlines approved carry on trolley

There are endless gadgets to give to a traveling dad, but before anything else you need to make sure he has the best trolley possible to make every move fast, efficient, and comfortable.

The American Tourister Soundbox trolley is the perfect answer to all these needs. It also presents itself as the ideal product for anyone who cannot decide between the safety of rigid trolleys and the flexibility of a softshell trolley. The Soundbox model has a rigid but light and expandable body. A double zip ensures the possibility of expanding the volume to contain last-minute purchases.

It has an attractive design available in various colors, 4 double wheels that make transport super easy, and a TSA safety lock. It is available in different dimensions including a small size that makes it the perfect low-cost airlines approved cabin bag.

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Recommended by Clotilde from A Princess Travelling with Twins

Other great gifts for dad

Even if the gifts in the categories above don’t resonate with you, there are tons of other great gifts for dad. We’ve collected some more inspiration for you below.

Travel map to document your travels

Nothing beats looking back and reminiscing on amazing trips that your family has taken. One unique way to do this is by giving Dad a special map that documents all of the fantastic places you have all made memories at.

One fun way to get the whole family involved is to create a corkboard map. Simply buy a corkboard that is big enough to fit a map on top and adhere them together. Get some pushpins and start pinning in each location your family has traveled to. This makes for a fantastic entryway decor item that really gets people talking!

If you would rather not go the DIY route, there are plenty of maps that are fun scratch off maps already made and just ready for you to “scratch off” where you just explored! There are now so many to choose from that you can get a global map or one just of a specific country. Place these in your RV, family room, or anywhere else that will have you dreaming of past (and future) trips as a family!

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Recommended by LeAnna from Wander in Germany

Priority Pass membership

SeaTac Priority LoungeWhat do you get the Dad who already has it all? What about the man who prefers experiences over material gifts? If he travels often, consider gifting him with a Priority Pass membership. Priority Pass lounges are located in over 1300 airports around the world and are a great way for travelers to unwind before taking their next flight.

All of the lounges offer free wi-fi and a quiet, comfortable place to sit while waiting. Most offer free refreshments and some even offer things like spa services and sleeping areas.

Unlike some airport lounges that are only accessible if you’re flying with a certain airline, Priority Pass lounges are available to anyone with a membership. This is especially helpful if he often travels on airlines that don’t have their own lounges. Considering the perks included, a Priority Pass would make a great gift for a Dad who loves to travel!

Recommended by Karee from Our Woven Journey

E-Gift cards

Nowadays you can get most gift cards by e-mail. And it’s a pretty good option if you really don’t know what to buy or forgot to get something. With an eGift card, dad can pick out a nice present for himself. You can choose from a lot of different eGift cards from most major retail chains. You can get an actual plastic gift card, or have the card mailed directly to dad (which is a great option if you live in another state or country). One of the easiest of course is the Amazon eGift Card. With over 12 million products to choose from, there must be something dad likes!

Check out all eGift Cards on Amazon >>

Amazon subscriptions & memberships

There are some awesome Amazon subscriptions and memberships that make a great Father’s Day gift.

  • Audible Gift Membership – for dads that love listening to audiobooks
    One free audiobook and 2 Audible Original titles per month, discounts on additional purchases
  • Kindle Unlimited Membership – for dads that love to read & listen.
    Unlimited reading and unlimited listening to over 1 million ebooks and thousands of audiobooks.
  • Amazon Prime Subscription – for dads that love to shop
    Free fast delivery and free access to movies, series, music, and ebooks as well as unlimited photo storage.

Custom gifts for dad

Personalized photo gifts are always a nice idea. You can either choose a family travel pic or another picture that holds good memories. There are plenty of options. You can get your photo printed on

Check out all personalized photo gifts for dad on Amazon >>