Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand – full day tour review

FlipFlopGlobetrotters Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand elephant enclosure

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand is doing an amazing job rescuing, treating and rehabilitating captured wild animals. They also help domestic animals in need. Rescue, rehabilitate and release is their motto. Many of the rescued animals are treated for severe PTSS due to both physical and mental abuse. Unfortunately, release isn’t always an option, which is why the sanctuary is so important. It gives the animals the opportunity to live … Read more

I Love Phants Lodge review

View from room at I Love Phants Lodge - Wildlife Friends Foundation

The I Love Phants Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge located on the extensive grounds of the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. Not only do you get to stay in a very nice room or bungalow, but you also get to see and experience the work of this wonderful foundation up close. Which is exactly why we chose to stay here! How cool to have elephants as your neighbors! You can see … Read more

Our upcoming trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore

Yes!!! Very soon we’ll be on the road again. It’s really been wayyyy too long! I’m so excited about our upcoming trip. We have two months and a basic plan but nothing set in stone yet. Which is exactly the way we like it. Our last trip was 6 weeks in Mexico, in 2019. And it’s been 7 years since we went on our 10-month-long adventure in South East Asia. … Read more

New Zealand with kids – discovering South Island’s Native Wildlife

New Zealand for families - whale at Kaikoura

When planning a family vacation, finding activities that are both fun and educational can be a challenge, right? But did you know that in New Zealand’s South Island, you can have the best of both worlds by exploring the diverse and unique native wildlife while creating unforgettable experiences for your children? In this post, you’ll discover some of the top family-friendly wildlife activities in New Zealand.  There are a great number … Read more

Things to do in Algarve Portugal

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - Best things to do in the Algarve with kids

The Algarve is a great destination for your Portugal family holidays. Easy to reach from lots of cities in Europe and further overseas, you can often find some great Algarve holiday deals. But the Algarve is a large region. What are the best places in Algarve for families and what are the best things to do in Algarve with kids? My parents like to escape the Dutch winters for some … Read more

Holiday highlight for kids: PADI Bubblemaker

Our first trip in over 3 years was to Dahab, Egypt. No surprise there right? Of course, our holiday house needed quite a bit of maintenance and in our last week, we were hit with the pharao’s curse (aka diarrhea). So we didn’t have much time to explore and dive but we did manage to squeeze in two PADI Bubblemaker dives for our little world traveler. After finding out the … Read more

Our travel journals for kids

Last year we started publishing books for kids, among which are a series of kids’ travel journals. It’s been quite an adventure with a steep learning curve, but we’ve discovered this is something we enjoy doing. Another great way to let families profit from our travel experience. These travel diary books are meant for kids aged 6+. They contain draw and write pages, fun travel games, puzzles and coloring pages. … Read more

Best camping gifts for dad

best camping gifts for dad

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but if dad is an avid camper or outdoorsy person you’re in luck. You’ll have your choice of Father’s Day gifts, gifts for dad’s birthday or Christmas gifts for your dad… There are plenty of fantastic camping gifts for men and this post with the best camping gifts will give you lots of inspiration for cool camping gifts for dad. It’s so much … Read more

The best Father’s Day gifts 2021 – for dads that love travel

best father's day gifts guide

In case it has slipped your mind, Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June. As parents, it would of course be nice to be celebrated (or at least appreciated) every day but since that’s not likely to happen we’ll have to settle for once a year during Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite a struggle to come up with a … Read more

Favorite family travel memories

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - best travel memories

One of the best things about family travel is the magnitude of wonderful memories you make with your kids. Whether you’re on an RTW family adventure or a short city trip with your kids, travel creates memories that last a lifetime. Our house is filled with pictures from all the places we’ve visited with our son. And every time we look at them, we’re reminded about the wonderful time we … Read more

Practical Tips for Winter RV Camping

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - Tips for RV winter camping

Camping is a fun bonding activity for the whole family. It’s very healthy for both young and old to spend time outside in nature. And creating amazing memories while traveling with your family is always worth it. Camping is often associated with the summer, but as long as you have the right equipment you can enjoy camping year-round. Nature is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in … Read more

Domestic travel, where to go?

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - Netherlands - National Park Zuid-Kennemerland - Wed dune lake

In light of the current situation and the travel restrictions, we’ve been focusing on local and domestic travel. Since we generally prefer to travel to overseas destinations where it’s warm and sunny, researching places to stay so close to home is a massive change for us. Maybe it’s the same for you? If so, keep on reading! We’re planning to take more trips in our own country and I want … Read more

Ultimate family travel blogs list

Ultimate family travel blogs list

When you’re planning to travel with your kids, whether it’s a short trip or long-term travel, it always pays off to be well informed so you can make the most of it. These awesome family travel bloggers have loads of experience and lots of fantastic tips to share with you. From finding the best place to eat in Hanoi, the cheapest hotels in Melbourne and the quirkiest children’s museum in … Read more

Best free travel printables for kids

Best free travel printables for kids

Printables are a great solution for travel. They’re low-budget and easy to bring along. Whether you are looking for fun travel games, need something for your kids to do while you’re driving to grandma, are focusing your unit studies on travel, transport, or a particular country or just want to pretend-travel with your kids, you’re sure to find what you need in this post. From road trip bingo to free … Read more

The best mothers day gift ideas 2021 – for moms that love to travel

Best Mother's Day gift ideas guide

In case you may have forgotten, Mother’s Day is the second Friday in May. Of course, mothers should be celebrated every day, but since that’s generally not the case why not get your mother an extra special Mother’s Day gift? Moms often say they ‘already have everything’ so it might take a bit of effort to come up with something thoughtful and creative. Be assured, this will only make her … Read more

24 ways to travel without leaving home

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - How to travel without home

For those of us with a severe case of wanderlust, not being able to travel is hard. We just have those itchy feet and the travel bug can cause unrest and dissatisfaction. Right now the Corona virus is really messing up everybody’s travel plans and most of us are self-isolating or even in self-quarantine. Keep dreaming though, eventually travel will resume! But even without de pandemic COVID-19 there are many … Read more

Free things to do in Haarlem with kids

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - kid friendly restaurants in Haarlem - Kweektuin

Most families traveling with kids are on a bit of a budget, I know we are! And let’s be honest… who doesn’t love free things to do? There are loads of things to do for free in Haarlem, but you need to know where to look. So if you’ve visiting Haarlem with kids, let us help you a bit and tell you what fun free things you can do in … Read more

Review: Naturalis natural history museum

FlipFlopGlobetrotters - Triceratops at Naturalis Leiden

Naturalis Biodiversity Center definitely deserves its spot in the top 10 best children’s museums in The Netherlands. Located in Leiden, this Dutch natural history museum is only a short train ride away from Amsterdam and well worth the visit. The museum has been closed a very long time for renovations, but in September 2019 it was finally reopened. Better than ever! Spread out over almost 6000m2 you’ll find Naturalis’ massive … Read more

The 20 best travel gifts for kids

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - 20 best travel gift ideas for kids

If like me, you sometimes struggle a bit to come up with original and fun gifts for your travel-loving family members or friends, don’t worry. I’ve done the work for you! This list of the best travel gifts for kids offers you lots of inspiration. Great gift ideas for traveling children and travel-inspired presents for kids and families that love travel and explore. Looking for travel presents for your significant … Read more

Best day trips from Orlando

Best day trips from Orlando with kids

Family trips in Florida are popular for a reason. Orlando, the capital of Orange County, is a great family tourist destination. Although the city is known worldwide for its theme parks, hotels and tourist attractions, there are countless things to do in Orlando with kids that don’t necessarily involve Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Wondering what else to do around Orlando? Check out these ideas for family activities in … Read more