Thai Tiger Temple takedown

For many years wildlife activists are trying to rescue 137 illegally kept tigers from the Thai Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Now it looks like it’s finally going to happen! The decision was made when more than 1,000 officials came to the temple this Monday morning, May 30th. After being denied access to the temple, the officials returned with a search warrant to remove the tigers illegally being kept on … Read more

A fantastic time in Vienna

We’re on a short trip in Europe and spend the past few days visiting Vienna. It’s our first trip after spending 10 months in South-East Asia and it feels good to be on the road again. We’re actually on the train from Vienna to Prague while I’m writing this (gotta love free WiFi ;-)). And after a few days in Prague, we’ll end this trip in Berlin. Also read: Tips … Read more

Review: Happy Gecko Dive Resort Bunaken

We stayed at Happy Gecko Dive Resort, also known as Happy Gecko Resort or Cicak Senang Resort, for a week and enjoyed every second of it. We were very sad to leave. The bungalows are basic but the views, hospitality, food and diving are absolutely fantastic. Happy Gecko Dive Resort is a small dive resort on Bunaken Island, only about 1,5 hours away from Manado Airport. It’s owned by Jerry, … Read more

Interview with the Orwicks from

The Orwicks are a family from Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Their international art project Studio Everywhere officially launched with 10 month round the world trip. They’re traveling across Central and South America, Asia and Europe. In each country they initiate art projects with kids, where they invite them to paint self portraits expressing ‘how they see themselves in the world’. Their mission is, in their own words, to experience and learn … Read more

Two months after our return: how are we doing?

Today it’s been exactly 2 months since we came home from our travels. And I have to say transitioning back into ‘regular’ life has been quite a struggle. We really miss the freedom and the great weather. It’s still really cold here in Holland and we’ve been stuck inside way too much. Being back in Holland means being back to restrictions and obligations, back to living in a tiny apartment … Read more

Kids travel accessories – our top 5

When you search the internet you will find tons of kids travel accessories. From brightly colored suitcases and lightweight travel strollers to kids travel pillows and kids sunglasses. One even more expensive than the other. But we travel with a toddler who can’t carry his own luggage yet, got our stroller second hand, don’t need a travel pillow because he sleeps everywhere anyway and we’ve hardly used his sunglasses. So … Read more

Things that I won’t miss about traveling

We’ve been back in The Netherlands for 4 days now and I already miss traveling. The freedom, the sunshine, the unpredictability of being on the road… It feels weird being back in the same tiny apartment, while we ourselves have changed so much after traveling for so long. Also, after living out of a suitcase for nearly 10 months, it feels a bit suffocating to have so much ‘stuff’. We’ll … Read more

12 things I’ll miss when this Big Adventure is over

Recently someone told me ‘freedom is inside you’. I thought that was really interesting because one of the things that I will definitely miss when we get back to Holland is the amazing sense of FREEDOM that traveling gives me. I’d love to figure out how to retain that feeling once we get back! We’ve had this amazing time together as a family and we were really lucky we were … Read more

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok… with a toddler

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok with our 2-year old is definitely one of our fondest travel memories. Would we, at any point before we left on this trip, have considered waking a 2-year old to roam the streets at midnight in search of fireworks? No way! But we did it anyway and had a marvelous time. Bangkok is one of our favorite cities in the world and it was very … Read more

6 weeks in the Philippines - 6 weeks in the Philippines - Panglao Alona BeachWe thought we’d seen quite a bit of the Philippines in the past 6 weeks. Until we found out that there are actually 7107 islands… of which we’ve now visited 5 (Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Panay, Palawan). That puts things in perspective 😉 Even though we have only seen a small portion of this amazing country, I’m very glad we went. The Philippines is a great place to visit with kids and it will remain on our bucket list. There’s so much to see and do!

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Going back to Holland sooner than planned

We’re now in the ninth month of our Big Adventure and so far it’s been great. Of course it wasn’t always easy and there have been challenges, but we’re loving life on the road. If we could find a way to make enough money while traveling I think it would suit all three of us really well to travel indefinitely. However, due to the declining health of my mother in … Read more

Review Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort

This is a review of Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort in Dauin. Liquid Dive Resort was only the second resort we stayed at during our 10-month travel adventure. As a rule, we don’t stay in resorts. They simply don’t fit our budget and usually they don’t fit us very well either. Dive resorts are a class by itself, however. Most divers are social people, who love to talk about diving and … Read more

Diving in Dauin

Let’s start by saying Diving in Dauin is awesome! As a rule we don’t stay in resorts. We did it only one time before, and that was a very small resort (on Bunaken Island, Indonesia). Fancy resorts aren’t really our style and they certainly don’t fit our budget. But… while in Philippines you should dive, right? So we’re having a really good time at Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort near Dumaguete … Read more

Review: Hotel Sisters Inn – Moalboal, Cebu Island, Philippines

Where to stay in Moalboal, Cebu? If you’re looking for Moalboal accommodation, we can highly recommend Sisters Inn. Hotel Sisters Inn Moalboal is great value for money, certainly compared to a lot of the higher priced resorts around. Our first night we stayed at Sea Turtle House in White Beach, which was ok, but a bit above our budget. Especially since there were no other restaurants around and the food … Read more

My first dives at Moalboal

Diving at Moalboal. After hearing and reading so much about this place in dive magazines I was really excited to go diving here. Yesterday I did my first two dives. Even though it wasn’t the best diving I’ve ever done, it was really nice. I guess we’re getting a bit spoiled with all the beautiful diving on this trip. At 8:30 we left for our first dive at Pescador Island … Read more

A visit to Kawasan Falls

On Saturday November 21st we did another motorbike tour. We decided to see if we could find the Kawasan Falls. They’re located on Bohol about 22km from Tagbilaran. According to our Airbnb host Sander they were nice for swimming. Sounded good to us! It was a bit of a drive, but quite scenic. We weren’t exactly sure where to find them, but armed with a little map we found on … Read more

From Bangkok to Bohol (via Manila)

After spending a couple of days in Bangkok, enjoying the Thai food and buying some stuff we couldn’t find in Sri Lanka, it was time to move to another country again. Next on the list: Philippines!! When we left Sri Lanka we knew we wanted to go to the Philippines next, but because the flight connection wasn’t very good we decided to make a stopover in Bangkok for a couple … Read more

Sharing a house in Unawatuna

After seeing each other around a few times in Kandy and later in Ella, we ran into Basti and Jenny again on the road to Little Adam’s Peak. They were coming down as we were walking up and we finally talked a bit more than just waving hi. Turned out they were travelbloggers as well, running a successful German travel photography blog called They were also looking for a … Read more

Meeting another traveling family

After sending Facebook messages back and forth and missing each other by one or even a half day a few times, we finally managed to meet up with Kelly and her family on the beach in Unawatuna. It was really cool meeting them! We haven’t met many other traveling families so far. The Facebook group ‘Families on the Move’ that both Kelly and I are members of is a great … Read more

Our first day in Kandy – checking out the lake

We traveled from Pollonaruwa to Kandy, a city in the center of Sri Lanka. I can’t really pinpoint how Kandy is different from the other places we’ve been, but it feels a bit less ‘foreign’ and has a nice vibe. Polonnaruwa to Kandy by bus was actually very doable! It was the first time we took a local bus and it was actually an interesting experience. Much better than we … Read more