The best places to eat in Dahab

First-time visitors might be a bit disappointed by the variety of food you find on Dahab’s boulevard. It’s a lively place, especially in the Lighthouse area, but the food isn’t spectacular. Although it has become a lot better over the years, most of the restaurants offer almost the same menu of (more or less badly) imitated European food and one or two Egyptian dishes. The great news is… there are … Read more

20 things to do in Dahab Egypt - 10 reasons to visit Dahab Egypt

Dahab may be a lot smaller than the big tourist attractions, but it should definitely be on your list of the best places to visit in Egypt. In Dahab you won’t be bored for a minute! Of course, not being overrun with tourists is a big plus in our book. And there are so many things to do in Dahab, from relaxing on the beach to climbing mountains and going … Read more

10 reasons to visit Dahab, Egypt - why go to Dahab Egypt

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Dahab. And we’ve met surprisingly many people on the road who know this little coastal town in Egypt’s South Sinai desert. Whether they’ve lived there, worked there or just visited for a holiday, everyone loves Dahab. And with good reason! Read on and we’ll tell you exactly why Dahab should be on your bucket list. Even though we generally visit places only once … Read more

Sun Sinai Villa & an update about Dahab

For a lot of reasons we didn’t visit our holiday house in Dahab, Egypt in over two and half years. The longest we’ve ever been away since Sinai Sun Villa was built in 2012. After we returned from our big adventure in Asia in 2015 it took us a while to find ourselves again. But now we’re finally back in our second home in beautiful Dahab, even if it’s only … Read more

Six months on the road…

Pretty much unnoticed we passed the half way point of our Big Adventure a few days ago. Six months on the road with our little world traveler! And what’s even better… we have another six months to go! So far: 🙂 We traveled by plane, train, car, bus, boat, motorcycle, scooter, horse carriage and becak,  🙂 visited 5 countries, 🙂 went to 16 destinations, 🙂 took 11 flights, 🙂 and … Read more

Dahab: camping in the Sinai desert - desert safari Dahab Egypt

Somehow getting up in the middle of the night to change a dirty diaper by candlelight just doesn’t seem so appealing. So since we became the parents of a beautiful but very active little boy we haven’t been camping around Dahab. Our friends who live here go camping with their little ones all the time, but we haven’t found the energy for it yet. In the past, we always did … Read more

Dahab: 5 must do’s

Planning a trip to Dahab? Here’s 5 things you don’t want to miss out on! Dahab (Arabic for ‘gold’) is a town in the South Sinai desert. It’s a popular holiday destination for divers, wind surfers and kite surfers. But despite the many natural and cultural attractions, the town has managed to maintain its small scale and relaxed character. A great atmosphere, dusty little roads, bedouin kids playing barefoot in … Read more

Our favorite dive sites in Dahab

On our list of favorite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PADI specialty such as photography or nitrox, become a tec diver or just make some nice fun dives, Dahab is THE place to go. Also read: 10 reasons to visit Dahab Egypt You won’t be bored in Dahab With 30+ dive sites to chose from, … Read more