Our travel journals for kids

Last year we started publishing books for kids, among which are a series of kids’ travel journals. It’s been quite an adventure with a steep learning curve, but we’ve discovered this is something we enjoy doing. Another great way to let families profit from our travel experience. These travel diary books are meant for kids aged 6+. They contain draw and write pages, fun travel games, puzzles and coloring pages. Journaling is a great way for kids to process emotions and remember events. And what better souvenir than a journal with your own travel adventures? These travel books are great travel companions for kids that love to document their adventures.

Recently we published two new books in the series. There are now three available, with more to follow. Check out all our books on Amazon >>

Our travel journal series

Our travel journal series currently has three different titles and we’re planning to create more. At the moment you can buy our road trip journal, camping journal, or camping log book. All are available on Amazon. Let’s take a look at the titles we’ve published so far.

Kids road trip journal

Road trip journal for kids

Our Road Trip Journal for Kids is a great travel companion for any trip, whether it be by car, campervan, caravan, RV or any other type of ground transportation.

Keeping a travel journal is a wonderful way for kids to relive their best travel memories long after the trip is over. Each journal entry consists of one blank page for scrapbooking/drawing and one lined page to write.

This journal is meant for one journey of up to 30 days. It’s divided into three sections: before departure, during the trip and after you get home. With a packing list, destination planning, and reflection pages. Throughout the journal, kids find road trip games, puzzles and coloring pages for even more fun while traveling.

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Kids camping journal

Camping journal for kids

Like our Road Trip Journal this Kids’ Camping Journal is also meant for one camping holiday of up to 30 days. Record all your camping adventures and create the best travel souvenir you can imagine.

This journal contains draw and write journal pages as well as a packing list page, destination planning and reflection pages. Each journal entry consists of one blank page for scrapbooking/drawing and one lined page to write. The journal is divided into three sections: before departure, during the trip and after you get home.

In this journal, kids will also find fun games and puzzles, such as travel riddles, a campground scavenger hunt, word search puzzles, coloring pages and travel doodles. 

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Camping logbook for kids

Camping Logbook for kids

If you’re looking for a logbook to record multiple shorter camping trips rather than one longer camping holiday, check out our Camping Logbook for Kids. Each logbook entry consists of half a page to enter the campground’s details and amenities, half a page to draw or scrapbook, and a full page to write about your stay at this particular campground.

This logbook can be used for multiple shorter trips and up to 50 campgrounds. A great way to keep all your camping memories and adventures in one place and create a travel souvenir that you’ll cherish forever.

The first part of the book has space to record 50 campground experiences and the second part contains lots of fun and games to entertain kids while traveling and camping.

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Why journaling is good for kids

There are many benefits of keeping a diary. It helps kids express emotions in a safe way and organize thoughts and ideas. Journaling is a great way to record memories & life events and to encourage reflection and engagement. Not to mention the positive effect on kids’ handwriting.

As they get older, the routine of keeping a diary will help kids greatly with sorting out their emotions and feelings. So journaling is a valuable habit to cultivate. Even if your child doesn’t keep a diary or journal in their everyday life, a travel journal is a great way to start this fun habit.

If you’re looking for a regular diary journal for young kids, also check out our draw and write journals for children age 5+ that are available on Amazon in various themes.My First Diary - draw and write journal