The best places to eat in Dahab

First-time visitors might be a bit disappointed by the variety of food you find on Dahab’s boulevard. It’s a lively place, especially in the Lighthouse area, but the food isn’t spectacular. Although it has become a lot better over the years, most of the restaurants offer almost the same menu of (more or less badly) imitated European food and one or two Egyptian dishes. The great news is… there are … Read more

20 things to do in Dahab Egypt - 10 reasons to visit Dahab Egypt

Dahab may be a lot smaller than the big tourist attractions, but it should definitely be on your list of the best places to visit in Egypt. In Dahab you won’t be bored for a minute! Of course, not being overrun with tourists is a big plus in our book. And there are so many things to do in Dahab, from relaxing on the beach to climbing mountains and going … Read more

Sprookjeswonderland, a great day trip from Amsterdam - Sprookjeswonderland - Kasteel Violinde

Recently we visited Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen, located about 60 km from Amsterdam. Our toddler loved it! It’s a great alternative to the Efteling and other Dutch amusement parks, especially with young children. And it’s surprisingly affordable too. Sprookjeswonderland is not as busy or expensive as most of the other Dutch amusement parks, such as Efteling, Walibi or Julianatoren. It doesn’t have any thrilling or scary rides, there is no loud … Read more

Things to do in Vienna Austria with kids

You will have absolutely no problem finding things to do in Vienna with kids. Vienna is a great city to visit with kids of all ages. There are a lot of parks, practically all of them with playgrounds, public transport is very accessible and there are a lot of fun kids museums. We spent about a week Vienna (if you’re traveling without kids I think you can probably see most … Read more

A visit to Kawasan Falls

On Saturday November 21st we did another motorbike tour. We decided to see if we could find the Kawasan Falls. They’re located on Bohol about 22km from Tagbilaran. According to our Airbnb host Sander they were nice for swimming. Sounded good to us! It was a bit of a drive, but quite scenic. We weren’t exactly sure where to find them, but armed with a little map we found on … Read more

Our first day in Kandy – checking out the lake

We traveled from Pollonaruwa to Kandy, a city in the center of Sri Lanka. I can’t really pinpoint how Kandy is different from the other places we’ve been, but it feels a bit less ‘foreign’ and has a nice vibe. Polonnaruwa to Kandy by bus was actually very doable! It was the first time we took a local bus and it was actually an interesting experience. Much better than we … Read more

A photo impression of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

There’s really no good way to describe Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Walking around your senses get attacked with so many smells, sights and sounds, you’re on complete overload. The streets are incredibly busy. Motorbikes weaving in and out of traffic, cars trying to find their way around all of the motorbikes, tourists on foot trying not to be overrun by motorbikes… I’m sure by now you get the idea… motorbikes everywhere. … Read more

Sriwijaya Airlines

Yesterday we decided to take a flight from Makassar in South-Sulawesi to Manado in North-Sulawesi. We were stuck in a hotel in Makassar, a noisy and dirty city we didn’t like, and did not want to spend Jace’s second birthday in a hotel room in a big city. Because we decided to go to Manado last minute there were no direct flights anymore. We ended up flying wit Sriwijaya Air … Read more

First time Bali: things we noticed

Having never been to Indonesia before, Bali was a great new adventure for us. As first timers there are a few things that really stood out for us. 1. Amazing amounts of kites in the sky. This we especially noticed when we were in Sanur, but we see it in other places as well. Making and flying kites is part of Balinese cultural and religious tradition. From the youngest kids … Read more

Dahab: 5 must do’s

Planning a trip to Dahab? Here’s 5 things you don’t want to miss out on! Dahab (Arabic for ‘gold’) is a town in the South Sinai desert. It’s a popular holiday destination for divers, wind surfers and kite surfers. But despite the many natural and cultural attractions, the town has managed to maintain its small scale and relaxed character. A great atmosphere, dusty little roads, bedouin kids playing barefoot in … Read more