Review: Happy Gecko Dive Resort Bunaken

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We stayed at Happy Gecko Dive Resort, also known as Happy Gecko Resort or Cicak Senang Resort, for a week and enjoyed every second of it. We were very sad to leave. The bungalows are basic but the views, hospitality, food and diving are absolutely fantastic. Happy Gecko Dive Resort is a small dive resort on Bunaken Island, only about 1,5 hours away from Manado Airport. It’s owned by Jerry, … Read more

Review Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort

This is a review of Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort in Dauin. Liquid Dive Resort was only the second resort we stayed at during our 10-month travel adventure. As a rule, we don’t stay in resorts. They simply don’t fit our budget and usually they don’t fit us very well either. Dive resorts are a class by itself, however. Most divers are social people, who love to talk about diving and … Read more

Diving in Dauin

Let’s start by saying Diving in Dauin is awesome! As a rule we don’t stay in resorts. We did it only one time before, and that was a very small resort (on Bunaken Island, Indonesia). Fancy resorts aren’t really our style and they certainly don’t fit our budget. But… while in Philippines you should dive, right? So we’re having a really good time at Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort near Dumaguete … Read more

My first dives at Moalboal

Diving at Moalboal. After hearing and reading so much about this place in dive magazines I was really excited to go diving here. Yesterday I did my first two dives. Even though it wasn’t the best diving I’ve ever done, it was really nice. I guess we’re getting a bit spoiled with all the beautiful diving on this trip. At 8:30 we left for our first dive at Pescador Island … Read more

Diving on Bunaken

We’ve been on Bunaken a few days now and have done some dives. It’s really an underwater aquarium here and Jimmy, the local guide at Happy Gecko, is a genius at spotting the tiny stuff, such as miniature shrimps, crabs and tiny little sea horses. We haven’t been as lucky in actually capturing it on camera, but we do have some nice pictures to share. So, no long story this … Read more

Amed – East Bali

We didn’t really do our homework before going to Bali, so we thought that maybe we could do some diving from Sanur. There are lots of dive operations there, but it turned out they all go to Amed and Tulamben (2 hours drive away) for diving. Since being in the car for 4 hours a day wasn’t an option for us, we decided to find accommodation in Amed instead and … Read more

Our favorite dive sites in Dahab

On our list of favorite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PADI specialty such as photography or nitrox, become a tec diver or just make some nice fun dives, Dahab is THE place to go. Also read: 10 reasons to visit Dahab Egypt You won’t be bored in Dahab With 30+ dive sites to chose from, … Read more