6 weeks in the Philippines

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - 6 weeks in the Philippines - Panglao Alona BeachWe thought we’d seen quite a bit of the Philippines in the past 6 weeks. Until we found out that there are actually 7107 islands… of which we’ve now visited 5 (Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Panay, Palawan). That puts things in perspective 😉 Even though we have only seen a small portion of this amazing country, I’m very glad we went. The Philippines is a great place to visit with kids and it will remain on our bucket list. There’s so much to see and do!

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Review Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort

This is a review of Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort in Dauin. Liquid Dive Resort was only the second resort we stayed at during our 10-month travel adventure. As a rule, we don’t stay in resorts. They simply don’t fit our budget and usually they don’t fit us very well either. Dive resorts are a class by itself, however. Most divers are social people, who love to talk about diving and … Read more

Diving in Dauin

Let’s start by saying Diving in Dauin is awesome! As a rule we don’t stay in resorts. We did it only one time before, and that was a very small resort (on Bunaken Island, Indonesia). Fancy resorts aren’t really our style and they certainly don’t fit our budget. But… while in Philippines you should dive, right? So we’re having a really good time at Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort near Dumaguete … Read more

Review: Hotel Sisters Inn – Moalboal, Cebu Island, Philippines

Where to stay in Moalboal, Cebu? If you’re looking for Moalboal accommodation, we can highly recommend Sisters Inn. Hotel Sisters Inn Moalboal is great value for money, certainly compared to a lot of the higher priced resorts around. Our first night we stayed at Sea Turtle House in White Beach, which was ok, but a bit above our budget. Especially since there were no other restaurants around and the food … Read more

My first dives at Moalboal

Diving at Moalboal. After hearing and reading so much about this place in dive magazines I was really excited to go diving here. Yesterday I did my first two dives. Even though it wasn’t the best diving I’ve ever done, it was really nice. I guess we’re getting a bit spoiled with all the beautiful diving on this trip. At 8:30 we left for our first dive at Pescador Island … Read more

From Bangkok to Bohol (via Manila)

After spending a couple of days in Bangkok, enjoying the Thai food and buying some stuff we couldn’t find in Sri Lanka, it was time to move to another country again. Next on the list: Philippines!! When we left Sri Lanka we knew we wanted to go to the Philippines next, but because the flight connection wasn’t very good we decided to make a stopover in Bangkok for a couple … Read more