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We started early 2015 to share our family travel experiences and to inspire other families to travel and see more of the world. We love traveling and talking or writing about travel. Travel with our little boy is amazing, it’s fantastic to watch the world through his eyes.

Your traveling life isn’t over when you have kids, but it will definitely change!

Family travel blog helps you promote your brand, product or service

FlipFlop Globetrotters is a growing family travel blog with

  • practical travel tips
  • destination articles
  • product, attraction, activities and accommodations reviews
  • our personal stories about traveling with a toddler

Let us promote your brand, product or service

We’d love to promote your travel related brand, product, activity or service. Our focus is on brands that offer added value for our readers.

We have a highly targeted audience:

  • 77% of our readers are 25-45 years old
  • 68% of our readers are female
  • main interests of our readers are
    • family travel
    • hotels & accommodations
    • destinations in Europe & Asia

Partnership & Advertising Opportunities

Brand ambassadors 

If your brand, our audience and are a good match, we’d love to become your brand ambassadors and promote you on a regular basis on our site and social media. Word-of-mouth will do more for your brand than traditional marketing ever can. Benefits for you: brand association and increased exposure and brand awareness.

Sponsored posts

We welcome sponsored posts from travel-related brands. The posts should be relevant for our audience and in the same tone-of-voice as the rest of our articles. So please check our blog before contacting us and make sure the post is a good fit. Alternatively, we can also write a sponsored article about your brand or a destination post that mentions your brand.

Product Reviews

If you have a cool travel-related product or service we’re more than happy to try it out and write a review on our blog. Review posts will, of course, include a link to your website, multiple images, and a thorough review. We want to be transparent so we will mention the sponsorship. Also, be aware that our review will be honest, not a marketing story. As an example, check out our review of the Manduca baby carrier.

Sponsored activities & hotel reviews

Not only can we write about travel-related products, we can also promote your destination, activity or hotel. We love exploring new places and sharing our experiences with our blog readers and social media followers. Having us write about you will showcase your destination and increase brand awareness. We can also create materials for you to use on your own blog or website.

To get a better idea of what we can do, take a look at these examples of a destination review, activity review and accommodation review.

Banner Ads & contextual advertising

We’d be happy to promote your travel related product or service with a banner ad in our header, sidebar or footer. Contextual or banner advertising within one of our articles is also an option. Contact us for details, sizes and prices.

Competitions & giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a fun and effective way to promote your product or service. Everybody wants to win! We can work with you to ensure your goals are met, wether you want to attract social media followers, gain subscribers for your mailing list or increase traffic to your website. Of course the promotion will be shared through our social media channels. Contact us to discuss details.

Content production / freelance writing

As a freelance writer and content producer, you can also hire me to create content for your own (travel related) blog or website. I’m an experienced online marketing professional and have worked both at client and agency side in various online roles for over 14 years.

Guest posts & collaborations

We’ve written guest posts for and collaborated with:

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Wandermust Family

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Thrifty Family Travels

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Some of our stats

(updated February 2019)

Our readership and following are steadily growing. We work hard on increasing our domain authority and audience and each month we reach more people. For the year 2018 we’ve seen a massive 264% increase in visitors compared to the year before.

Traffic increase 2017/2018

Domain Authority (DA): 28

Page Authority (PA): 34

Monthly unique page views: 20.000+

Monthly unique sessions: 11.000+

Avg session duration: 6:10 minutes

Social following: 2.3k+