Kuala Lumpur: first time in a big city with our son

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Kuala Lumpur with kidsOn August 1st we took a flight from Bali, Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for 9 days now and had a pretty good time here. Jace loves the public transport and gets a lot of attention. He waves at everybody 🙂

The flight over here was pretty uneventful. We left at 5PM, arriving in KL around 8PM and then had to take a taxi to our rental apartment which took about 45 minutes. So all in all it was a bit too late for Jace. Note to self: try to get an earlier flight in the future…. We were lucky he did manage to sleep a bit in the airport.

It was our first time with Jace in a big city, but he did really well and we enjoyed the change of scenery. The studio apartment we choose was very close to Maluri LRT station, so convenient enough to get to the city center. It was also only a 5-10 minute walk to a mall with a big supermarket, which was great for buying diapers, baby wipes etc. The biggest plus of this apartment was the view though! Unobstructed view of the Petronas Towers, wow, especially in the evening when all the lights are on.

Amazing view from our 20th floor studio apartment at night

View from our apartment at night

When we first arrived they gave us another room, but when we complained that it didn’t look anything at all like the pictures on the booking website (and the tiny little fridge didn’t work), we could transfer to a bigger room. A much better room with a much much better view 🙂

We haven’t really done a lot to be honest. This detailed guide for Kuala Lumpur with kids tells you a lot more about what KL has to offer. We wandered around Bukit Bintang and China Town, went to KLCC and the Petronas Towers, went to Rainbow Runners dive shop (quite a tour to get there, first LRT almost to the end of the red line and then a taxi) to buy a new BCD for Mau, took Jace to the park next to our apartment to play in the playground, wandered around the neighbourhood and generally saw A LOT of shopping malls. Enough to last us a few months at least.


Our little world traveler loved being on the train

Jace loves being on the train, metro and monorail, actually he loves all means of transport so far. His hair color attracts a lot more attention than in Bali. We’ve even had a few people that wanted to take a picture with him. Oh well… He smiles a lot, waves at everybody and is his own curious self, so all is good. Although his main diet is still white rice and chicken, he’s trying out some new foods, so we’re happy about that.


Random person who wanted to have his picture taken with our ginger boy

It was nice to be in a big city again and I’m sure I’ll miss the easy access to all the stuff we can buy here, but I’ll also be glad when we leave. I miss the sunshine and the beach. We’re inside way too much! The apartment is on the 20th floor and has no balcony to sit outside, so when Jace sleeps we’re inside too. We usually go out for lunch and dinner and end up being ‘home’ late which messes with Jace’s schedule. He’s skipped his naps a few times or only did a 30-minute power nap in the stroller and goes to bed much later than normal. But he’s handling it pretty well and it does allow us to go out a bit more. Hopefully it will get back to normal when we reach our new destination. I’m not ready to give up those few hours of rest in the afternoon and the evenings when he goes to bed at 8!


Colourful China Town, always a pleasure

Again we had A LOT of trouble deciding where to go to next. I really hope this is something that will get easier in time because it takes too much energy. At the moment there weather all over South-East Asia isn’t very good, so all the places we normally could have chosen now have rain and thunderstorms at least once a day. And since Jace already has a heat rash from the humidity here in KL we really wanted to go somewhere that’s a bit more dry. Sooo… after days and days of searching, comparing and spending HOURS on the internet we’ve finally decided to go to Sulawesi. North Sulawesi (Manado, Bunaken) seems to be a bit too expensive, but AirAsia has flights to Makassar in South Sulawesi for a decent price. So that’s where we’re going tomorrow. Back to Indonesia again. I knew we weren’t done there yet 😉

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