Tulip fields in Holland, when and where?

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There’s nothing more Dutch than a tulip, right? Well, besides windmills, cheese and wooden shoes of course… Tulip season in The Netherlands lasts from the end of January til the end of April. It’s a wonderful and colorful experience to find yourself in the middle of a tulip field. It’s like being in a sea of flowers, with brightly colored tulips everywhere you look. The Dutch flower bulb fields are … Read more

6 months home: how are we adjusting?

Last week (July 21st to be exact) it was 6 months ago since we came back. We miss being on the road! It was nice to see family and friends again, to have a place of our own for a while, to eat some typical Dutch food, to be able to cook our own meals… Jace loves going to daycare two afternoons a week and visiting his two sets of … Read more

Things that I won’t miss about traveling

We’ve been back in The Netherlands for 4 days now and I already miss traveling. The freedom, the sunshine, the unpredictability of being on the road… It feels weird being back in the same tiny apartment, while we ourselves have changed so much after traveling for so long. Also, after living out of a suitcase for nearly 10 months, it feels a bit suffocating to have so much ‘stuff’. We’ll … Read more

12 things I’ll miss when this Big Adventure is over

Recently someone told me ‘freedom is inside you’. I thought that was really interesting because one of the things that I will definitely miss when we get back to Holland is the amazing sense of FREEDOM that traveling gives me. I’d love to figure out how to retain that feeling once we get back! We’ve had this amazing time together as a family and we were really lucky we were … Read more

Going back to Holland sooner than planned

We’re now in the ninth month of our Big Adventure and so far it’s been great. Of course it wasn’t always easy and there have been challenges, but we’re loving life on the road. If we could find a way to make enough money while traveling I think it would suit all three of us really well to travel indefinitely. However, due to the declining health of my mother in … Read more