Our upcoming trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore

Yes!!! Very soon we’ll be on the road again. It’s really been wayyyy too long! I’m so excited about our upcoming trip. We have two months and a basic plan but nothing set in stone yet. Which is exactly the way we like it. Our last trip was 6 weeks in Mexico, in 2019. And it’s been 7 years since we went on our 10-month-long adventure in South East Asia. … Read more

Sun Sinai Villa & an update about Dahab

For a lot of reasons we didn’t visit our holiday house in Dahab, Egypt in over two and half years. The longest we’ve ever been away since Sinai Sun Villa was built in 2012. After we returned from our big adventure in Asia in 2015 it took us a while to find ourselves again. But now we’re finally back in our second home in beautiful Dahab, even if it’s only … Read more

Our city trip to Milan, some basics

Although we often talked about going abroad, taking a holiday or even a city trip, for a long time it just didn’t progress past the talking stage. Our last trip was to Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. That was a great city trip experience, so we decided to book another one. To Milan this time! I was very excited to go to the land of pizza, pasta and Italian ice cream. … Read more

Our lowlights and highlights of 2016

For us 2016 was mostly about transitioning back to life in The Netherlands. Our wish to travel longterm, but not being able to, made it a pretty difficult year. Now that the year has come to an end, I realize we aren’t making ourselves any happier if we continue thinking in limitations. So it’s time to start looking at possibilities instead! To gain some perspective, let’s look back at all … Read more

6 months home: how are we adjusting?

Last week (July 21st to be exact) it was 6 months ago since we came back. We miss being on the road! It was nice to see family and friends again, to have a place of our own for a while, to eat some typical Dutch food, to be able to cook our own meals… Jace loves going to daycare two afternoons a week and visiting his two sets of … Read more

Two months after our return: how are we doing?

Today it’s been exactly 2 months since we came home from our travels. And I have to say transitioning back into ‘regular’ life has been quite a struggle. We really miss the freedom and the great weather. It’s still really cold here in Holland and we’ve been stuck inside way too much. Being back in Holland means being back to restrictions and obligations, back to living in a tiny apartment … Read more

Things that I won’t miss about traveling

We’ve been back in The Netherlands for 4 days now and I already miss traveling. The freedom, the sunshine, the unpredictability of being on the road… It feels weird being back in the same tiny apartment, while we ourselves have changed so much after traveling for so long. Also, after living out of a suitcase for nearly 10 months, it feels a bit suffocating to have so much ‘stuff’. We’ll … Read more

12 things I’ll miss when this Big Adventure is over

Recently someone told me ‘freedom is inside you’. I thought that was really interesting because one of the things that I will definitely miss when we get back to Holland is the amazing sense of FREEDOM that traveling gives me. I’d love to figure out how to retain that feeling once we get back! We’ve had this amazing time together as a family and we were really lucky we were … Read more

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok… with a toddler

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok with our 2-year old is definitely one of our fondest travel memories. Would we, at any point before we left on this trip, have considered waking a 2-year old to roam the streets at midnight in search of fireworks? No way! But we did it anyway and had a marvelous time. Bangkok is one of our favorite cities in the world and it was very … Read more

Going back to Holland sooner than planned

We’re now in the ninth month of our Big Adventure and so far it’s been great. Of course it wasn’t always easy and there have been challenges, but we’re loving life on the road. If we could find a way to make enough money while traveling I think it would suit all three of us really well to travel indefinitely. However, due to the declining health of my mother in … Read more

From Bangkok to Bohol (via Manila)

After spending a couple of days in Bangkok, enjoying the Thai food and buying some stuff we couldn’t find in Sri Lanka, it was time to move to another country again. Next on the list: Philippines!! When we left Sri Lanka we knew we wanted to go to the Philippines next, but because the flight connection wasn’t very good we decided to make a stopover in Bangkok for a couple … Read more

Sharing a house in Unawatuna

After seeing each other around a few times in Kandy and later in Ella, we ran into Basti and Jenny again on the road to Little Adam’s Peak. They were coming down as we were walking up and we finally talked a bit more than just waving hi. Turned out they were travelbloggers as well, running a successful German travel photography blog called 22places.com. They were also looking for a … Read more

Anuradhapura to Jaffna by first-class train

From Anuradhapura we took a train to Jaffna up in the north of Sri Lanka. Because there was no second or third class train going there that day we ended up taking a first-class air-con train. The train was very nice but it was a lot more expensive than the lower class trains. The third class would have cost us around LKR350 per person and the first-class was a whopping … Read more

Our first introduction to Sri Lanka

On October 11th we left Vietnam and flew from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur and then to Colombo the next day. The disadvantage of booking flights in advance is that it’s hard to predict on beforehand where you’ll be at that time. Of course that doesn’t weigh up to the BIG advantage of getting the cheapest tickets. So we pre-booked our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo, Sri Lanka and had … Read more

Six months on the road…

Pretty much unnoticed we passed the half way point of our Big Adventure a few days ago. Six months on the road with our little world traveler! And what’s even better… we have another six months to go! So far: 🙂 We traveled by plane, train, car, bus, boat, motorcycle, scooter, horse carriage and becak,  🙂 visited 5 countries, 🙂 went to 16 destinations, 🙂 took 11 flights, 🙂 and … Read more

From Bunaken to Hanoi via Yogyakarta and Kuala Lumpur

On September 2nd we left Bunaken with lots of pain in our hearts and a promise to return. We spend 7 lovely days there and wished we could have stayed longer. But that’s the problem with planning ahead. It gives you a bit more peace of mind not having to decide what to do at the last moment, but it also compromises your flexibility. We booked a flight from Manado … Read more

Visiting Tangkoko NP with a small child

Tangkoko National Park near Bitung, North-Sulawesi, Indonesia was the first National Park we visited with our son during our 10-month adventure. The park is quite accessible, so very doable with kids.  Apparently, Mama Roos Homestay is very popular, but we decided to inquire for availability at Tangkoko Hill Cottages. Since we didn’t have any phone credit left, we send the manager, Franky, an email. And, lo and behold, he answered within … Read more

Sriwijaya Airlines

Yesterday we decided to take a flight from Makassar in South-Sulawesi to Manado in North-Sulawesi. We were stuck in a hotel in Makassar, a noisy and dirty city we didn’t like, and did not want to spend Jace’s second birthday in a hotel room in a big city. Because we decided to go to Manado last minute there were no direct flights anymore. We ended up flying wit Sriwijaya Air … Read more

Makassar – South Sulawesi

Somehow Makassar wasn’t quite the place we thought it would be. It sounded a lot more promising when we read the information on the internet, but in our experience it’s dirty and noisy. Maybe it was because we were in a city again after having already been in Kuala Lumpur for 10 days. Maybe it was because we were tired and didn’t venture out much, except to get food. Maybe … Read more

Kuala Lumpur: first time in a big city with our son

On August 1st we took a flight from Bali, Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for 9 days now and had a pretty good time here. Jace loves the public transport and gets a lot of attention. He waves at everybody 🙂 The flight over here was pretty uneventful. We left at 5PM, arriving in KL around 8PM and then had to take a taxi to … Read more