Happy Gecko Dive Resort Bunaken

Review: Happy Gecko Dive Resort Bunaken

We stayed at Happy Gecko Dive Resort, also known as Happy Gecko Resort or Cicak Senang Resort, for a week and enjoyed every second of it. We were very sad… Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort

Review Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort

This is a review of Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort in Dauin. Liquid Dive Resort was only the second resort we stayed at during our 10-month travel adventure. As a rule,… in Dauin

Diving in Dauin

Let’s start by saying Diving in Dauin is awesome! As a rule we don’t stay in resorts. We did it only one time before, and that was a very small… first dives at Moalboal

My first dives at Moalboal

Diving at Moalboal. After hearing and reading so much about this place in dive magazines I was really excited to go diving here. Yesterday I did my first two dives…. months on the road…

Six months on the road…

Pretty much unnoticed we passed the half way point of our Big Adventure a few days ago. Six months on the road with our little world traveler! And what’s even… on Bunaken

Diving on Bunaken

We’ve been on Bunaken a few days now and have done some dives. It’s really an underwater aquarium here and Jimmy, the local guide at Happy Gecko, is a genius… favorite dive sites in Dahab

Our favorite dive sites in Dahab

In our list of favourite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PADI specialty such as photography…