Our favorite dive sites in Dahab

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On our list of favorite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PADI specialty such as photography or nitrox, become a tec diver or just make some nice fun dives, Dahab is THE place to go.

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With 30+ dive sites to chose from, both beginners and advanced divers can enjoy the fascinating and colorful underwater world Dahab has to offer. Most dives are shore dives, but a dive safari with camels or a boat dive can also be arranged. And if you have time, try an overnight camping trip in the desert.  Just like the rest of life in Dahab diving is also very relaxed.

Here’s a list of our 5 favorite dive sites

1) Canyon

Next to Blue Hole Canyon is one of Dahab’s most famous dive sites. It’s usually pretty busy, but definitely worth it. Underwater you’ll find an impressive, beautifully coral covered canyon that is created by volcanic activity a long time ago. You descend until at about 30 meters you reach the sandy bottom. Take a dive light to see all the colorful corals on the canyon walls! Tec divers can leave the Canyon via an exit at 52 meters deep.

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Sergeant Major fish
On almost all reefs you find the Cheeky Sergeant Marjor fish

2) Islands

Islands is the most Southern dive site within the city’s checkpoints. This is one dive you definitely shouldn’t miss! The impressive reef of hard corals forms an underwater labyrinth. During the dive you get to discover this fascinating underwater landscape that looks unlike any other dive site in the area. Besides the usual reef inhabitants you will also find a big school of yellowtail barracuda’s.

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Islands
Interesting underwater rock formations at Islands

3) Gabr el Bint

One of the most colorful dive sites of Dahab. You can reach it by zodiac from Wadi Gnai or, for the adventurous divers, on the back of a camel. This site is a bit more ‘off the beaten track’. Because less divers frequent this site, there is an abundance of live and beautiful hard and soft corals. The dive site is a bit further away, that’s why you normally do two dives when you go. It’s worth the effort!

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Underwater aquarium
Diving in Dahab is like diving an underwater aquarium!

4) Three Pools

The name of this dive sites is derived from the three naturally formed underwater ‘pools’ that you swim through at the beginning of the dive. The pools are about 4 meters deep, so it’s also a great place for to snorkel. It’s like swimming in an aquarium, with numerous colorful fish and corals You can combine this dive with a dive at Golden Blocks, Moray Garden, Caves or Umm Sid. Spend your surface time relaxing in one of the Bedouin restaurants at Wadi Gnai.

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Anthias
Golden Blocks, Three Pools and Um Sid are favorite dive sites in the South of Dahab. The name Golden Blocks comes from the colorful schools of Anthias that surround the coral blocks

5) Blue Hole

For its fame alone Blue Hole has to be on this list. For tech divers it’s a very interesting dive because of the Blue Hole’s depth. Fun divers will discover that there’s not a lot of life in the Blue Hole itself. A great dive however is to drift over the beautiful coral garden from El Bells to Blue Hole, ending the dive with a safety stop in the Blue Hole. While waiting at 5 meters in the blue, you will often see freedivers training along the walls. The advantage of staying in Dahab is that you can dive the Blue Hole early in the morning, before the crowd from Sharm el Sheikh arrives. Often the dive at Blue Hole is combined with a dive at Canyon.

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Juvenile star puffer
Juvenile Star Puffer Fish posing for our camera

Bonus! Our secret favorite: Dutch Reef

At Asssalah Beach, the closest beach to our holiday house (3 minutes walk) you will find a dive site we named Dutch Reef. It’s not an official dive site, so it’s still very pristine and amazing. To enter it has to be high tide, because you have to swim about 50 meters over the reef top to get to the drop-off. It’s a bit of a swim, but well worth it! Please, only do this dive at high tide and make sure not to damage any of the coral on the reef top!

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Top 5 dive sites Dahab - Dutch Reef
Dutch Reef, at Assalah Beach in front of our holiday house

So, these are our favorites. Feel inspired yet? Or, if you’ve been to Dahab do you agree with our choices? Which dive sites do you think should be on this list?

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