Sharing a house in Unawatuna

After seeing each other around a few times in Kandy and later in Ella, we ran into Basti and Jenny again on the road to Little Adam’s Peak. They were coming down as we were walking up and we finally talked a bit more than just waving hi. Turned out they were travelbloggers as well, running a successful German travel photography blog called

They were also looking for a way too to get from Ella to the Southern coast and we ended up sharing a meal and then sharing a private car to Unawatuna the next day. Sometimes when you meet someone there’s an instant click. We had this with Basti and Jenny. So we decided to not only share a car, but also share a house with them. We initially booked for only 2 nights, but then extended that with another 4. It was nice having a home base for a few days and having someone around to talk to instead of just the two of us (well.. three, since Jace recently started talking quite a bit). It was both inspiring and frustrating to see how much time they spend on their blog. I really wished I had more time for ours. They did give us a few good tips. Thanks guys!

Our shared house in Unawatuna. Nice to have a 'home' for a few days.
Our shared house in Unawatuna. Nice to have a ‘home’ for a few days.

Jace really liked them too. I think he recognises good people 🙂 At the end of the third day one of the first things he said when waking up in the morning was ‘Besti, Besti’ and then he would go into the living room to see if Basti was awake yet. When they left we felt we were saying goodbye to friends instead of merely acquaintances. Funny how fast those things can go on the road. Hopefully we can catch up with them again in the Philippines! Oh, and Jenny? Jace is now saying your name too! 😉

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  1. Ahhhhh, thank you so much for this sweet article. We had such a great time with you guys and it was really weird to say good-bye. Thanks for making our stay in Unawatuna special! We miss you guys!! Hope to see you again on the Philippines. Hi from Mirissa to Bangkok!! Jenny & Basti

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