Families on the move: Meeting the Marshalls

Since we can’t travel ourselves right now, one way to beat the travel blues is to meet other traveling families. Last week we had the pleasure of showing Jason, Michelle and James Marshall a bit of our hometown Haarlem. They’re originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and have sold everything they own to go travel with their 11-year-old son. Some people may think they are absolutely crazy, but let’s be honest. Real life education, lots of quality family time, meeting people from all over the world, happy parents… what’s not to love?

Great to meet fellow travelers

I connected with Jason on Families on the Move, a fantastic Facebook group for families that travel long-term. As I love meeting fellow travelers and showing them around Holland, I immediately responded when I read his post that they were in Amsterdam. Luckily we could match our schedules and they were able to come to Haarlem. It was great to meet them!

The grass is always greener…

When you live somewhere you often don’t appreciate it as half as much as you would when visiting as a tourist. Haarlem is actually a great town and still we don’t want to be here long-term right now. There was some debate a while ago on Families on the Move that it’s because of the routine and obligations you have when you’re back home. It gets boring, regardless of where ‘home’ is. People who are infected with the travel bug generally don’t like routine that much 🙂 I think this is certainly true for us. Jason and his family felt there were worse places to get ‘stuck’. And they should know, they’ve been around!

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - Families on the move: meeting the marshals - Grote or St. Bavokerk Haarlem
The St Bavokerk on the Grote Markt in Haarlem is definitely an eye-catcher.

Inspiring plans

It was inspiring to hear about the Marshall’s plans. They’ve already extended their travel plans once before and are now planning to travel a whole extra year! And next year they want to settle in Bolivia. How cool is that?! Their son James has his own travel blog called Round the World Kid and is writing a fantasy book with a friend back home in the US (they take turns writing a chapter, what a great way to stay connected!). Michelle is a photographer and visually documents their travels. Listen to this great podcast on An Epic Education where Jason explains their reasons to travel and the way they managed it. We look forward to follow them as they continue to explore the world!


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