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FlipFlop Globetrotters is a website with travel tips, destination articles, reviews and our personal stories about traveling the world with a toddler. We hope to inspire people to see more of the world, especially people with kids. Your traveling life isn’t over when you have a child, but it will definitely change!

Partnership & Advertising Opportunities

We welcome opportunities to work with and for brands to promote their products or services. Below are a few options, but if you can think of anything else that would benefit both your brand and our readers, please let us know.

Product Reviews

If you have a cool travel-related product or service we can try it out and write a review on our blog. Review posts will of course include links back to your website, some images, and of course a thorough review. We want to be transparent so we will mention the sponsorship. Also, be aware that our review will be honest, not a marketing story.

Banner Ads

We’ll be happy to promote your travel related product or service with a banner ad in our header, sidebar or footer. Contact us for details on possible sizes and options.

Contests & giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a fun way to promote your product or service. Everybody wants to win! Of course the promotion will be shared through our social media channels. Contact us to discuss details.