The best places to eat in Dahab - best restaurants in Dahab EgyptFirst-time visitors might be a bit disappointed by the variety of food you find on Dahab’s boulevard. It’s a lively place, especially in the Lighthouse area, but the food isn’t spectacular. Although it has become a lot better over the years, most of the restaurants offer almost the same menu of (more or less badly) imitated European food and one or two Egyptian dishes. The great news is… there are some hidden gems out there. Our own holiday house has a fully equipped kitchen, so we often cook our own food. But we’ve been to Dahab many times and tried out a lot of the restaurants by now. And we’re here to give you some tips for good food!

1. Jackies, boulevard near the Bridge

Lovely Mexican restaurant. Unlike many places in Dahab, here it all ‘fits’, from the interior to the nice salsa music and the nice Mexican food.

2. Kitchen Express, just before you enter Lighthouse area

Very affordable and tasty Asian food. Only a few tables, but set between other small restaurants in an area that almost resembles a food court (although it’s on a street that cars can enter) the atmosphere is really nice.

3. Boxmeal, near lighthouse

Lovely small restaurant that serves Asian food. Very popular among expats. From fried noodles and fried rice to chicken teriyaki and spicy noodle soup. You can find Boxmeal on the road from Eel Garden to Lighthouse, close to, but not on the boulevard.  The menu doesn’t offer too many options, but the food is tasty. We love the atmosphere with the nice wooden decorations. If you’re lucky you can sit upstairs.

4. YumYum Falafel, Mashraba

The best place in Dahab to get a falafel sandwich, and one of the cheapest. During lunchtime, you’ll find the terrace full. Locals and tourists alike love the authentic and affordable Egyptian food served here.

5. GreenValley, boulevard near Lighthouse

GreenValley (oppposite GreenValley hotel) is another one of those hidden gems. We love that they still have some bedouin style sitting areas, with cushions and low tables. The food is really good and the appetizers are a really nice gesture. Try the chicken shish from the barbecue, you won’t be disappointed! - Best places to eat in Dahab, Egypt - Shish tawook
Shish Tawook – our favourite dish on the boulevard

6. Al Sharkawy, Assalah Square opposite Ghazala supermarket

A great local place for a quick lunch or dinner. The grilled or bbq chicken is accompanied by some bread, rice and a choice of salad, white beans, zucchini or potato. The BBQ kofta is also very good. Basic meals, but tasty and great value. - Best places to eat in Dahab, Egypt - Chicken Grill Restaurant
Lovely dinner with family & friends at Al Sharkawy in Assalah Square - Best places to eat in Dahab, Egypt - Chicken Grill Restaurant
Typical grilled chicken dinner in Assalah

7. Namaste, on Fanar Street near Lighthouse

Great Indian restaurant. It’s not much to look at and it’s not on the boulevard, but the food is amazing and the prices fair.

8. Athanor, near Lighthouse

In the old days Italian owned Time Cafe on the boulevard made the best pizza’s and of course there’s Dai Pescatori, but I think Athanor actually makes a pretty decent pizza nowadays. They’re very quick to deliver too.

9. Churchill’s Bar

If you’re looking for a great burger, this is the place to go. We love the chill atmosphere on the roof terrace. They call themselves ‘sports bar’ but it’s not really a sports bar as we know it. Although they do sometimes show major soccer matches upstairs, mostly you’ll have to make do with a small tv downstairs. The upstairs is not very suitable for very small kids, it’s quite dark and the fence has large gaps.

10. Friday Market, Sheikh Salem House near Eel Garden

The Friday market is mostly a food market, with some jewelry and other crafts stalls thrown in. A surprising number of westerners sell their wares on the market. A nice place to find some different kinds of foods, from Egyptian mahshi to German torte and Italian lasagna. The food can be a bit overpriced, but the atmosphere is nice.

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