5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Crafty-Loving Traveler

Christmas is just around the corner, and you are going to have to think of gifts to give to your near and dear ones. In case of creative and wanderlusting family and friends, check out these great Christmas gift ideas which perfectly combine their passions for travel and crafts. If you love crafting yourself, think of how much fun you’ll have creating the perfect personalized handmade gifts. Our gift ideas might even find a place on your own Christmas wish list!

If you’re looking for some great travel-inspired DIY gifting ideas, head over to Pinterest. You’ll find lots to inspire you there!

Do-It-Yourself Travel Album

Most travelers simply visit new places and explore the areas. However, there are some who also maintain travel journals and scrapbooks with information, pictures, memorabilia and other such collectibles. This does not only help them to create memorable moments but preserve those moments for eternity. A DIY scrapbook album will make a great gift for the festive season, and also ensure that you are able to put your creativity to good use.

By making the album or journal yourself, you will not only be presenting your loved ones with a gift that they can use, but you are also expressing your love through the extensive efforts needed in making such items.

Travel Themed Card Making Kit

A card making kit that can help your traveler friends to create beautiful cards while they are on their travels. Buy a ready-made kit or buy the components you like and put one together yourself. Think of cardstock, stamps, colored pens, stickers and glue to add to your kit. Using this kit along with pictures and items that they collect during their travels, they can make amazing greeting cards, and send them to their friends, family and loved ones. If you are looking to use your own creativity to invoke the creativity of the person you present the kit to, this is a great Christmas gift idea. Who wouldn’t love a handmade card that was sent from overseas!

Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter, also known as a craft cutter machine, a die cut sticker machine or a stencil cutting machine, is a machine that helps in vinyl cutting. It’s a great tool to design creative scrapbooks and albums. Your friends, family or loved ones can create their own scrapbooks and albums, and use them as travel journals. They can also use this item to make stickers and cut material to use in their scrapbooks and journals. A vinyl cutting machine is super versatile, it will allow your friend or family member to create their very own die cuts, titles, accents, stickers and more! The perfect embellishments for any travel themed scrapbook album. You can even use custom stickers made with a vinyl cutter to personalize travel gear, such as suitcases, backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes and even t-shirts and jackets.

Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine might not be the first gift that comes to mind, but it’s a great gift for those who love crafts and travel. You can use this machine to heat press vinyl designs on various items. Turn your favorite travel quote into wall art, place your favorite travel saying on your coffee mug. Think a step further and personalize your luggage with some unique vinyl designs. Create your own travel-themed clothing items and why not personalize that boring passport holder to be more exciting! The crafting opportunities of heat press machine are almost never-ending!

Glue Gun

Travelers love to collect various memorabilia whilst traveling around the world.  What can you do with all these trinkets and souvenirs? Travelers can also use a glue gun to decorate their backpack or luggage with attractive memorabilia from the places they visit. Maybe they can put it to use to create a unique memorabilia box to store all these trinkets in.

There are plenty of other travel-inspired gift ideas that you can use to create that perfect present for your loved ones in the upcoming festive season. All of these items might be a bit different and more unique in comparison to your typical travelers Christmas list, but if they love crafting, these options might just be perfect for them!

Guest post by Jolene of The Best Vinyl Cutters. Jolene is obsessed with scrapbooking and loves to record her travel memories in scrapbook albums. She keeps hold of all her ticket stubs and grabs other unique travel memorabilia to add to her albums as well. When she’s not traveling you will find her in her craft room.


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