The best mothers day gift ideas 2020 – for moms that love to travel

In case you may have forgotten, Mother’s Day is the second Friday in May. Of course, mothers should be celebrated every day, but since that’s generally not the case why not get your mother an extra special Mother’s Day gift? Moms often say they ‘already have everything’ so it might take a bit of effort to come up with something thoughtful and creative. Be assured, this will only make her appreciate your gift more. To make things a bit easier for you we’ve created this list with the best Mother’s Day gifts for moms that love travel.

Best Mother's Day gift ideas guide

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First off, let’s start some general Mother’s Day gift advice:

  • Even though your mom might say she doesn’t want anything, do not make the mistake of not getting her a present or making her one!
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute, make sure you order well ahead.
  • If it does turn out you left it too late, make her a gift card so she knows you did think of her.
  • No matter what you give her, it will be appreciated. Especially if you take the time to really think about your gift.
  • A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to cost you all your savings, and bigger isn’t always better. There’s a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for any budget.
  • Letting her sleep in, getting her breakfast in bed and cleaning the house is also greatly appreciated

Moms that love travel are, of course, just like other moms. Therefore a lot of the things in this gift guide are gifts all moms would appreciate. However, there are certain gifts travel moms will definitely appreciate more, so we’ve mostly included gifts that are small enough to travel with or that make travel more easy.

Mother’s Day delivery gifts

If you’re not able to visit your mom (due to a crazy global pandemic or simply because she lives too far away or you’re abroad), or can’t go to a physical store to buy something nice, there are still plenty of other ways to say ‘I love & appreciate you’. An added advantage of shopping online is that you can get it delivered. In this guide, you’ll find a lot of online Mother’s Day gifts you can simply buy at Amazon.

Mother’s Day delivery flowers

While flowers are popular, this is in no way a cheap Mother’s Day gift. Flower deliveries are actually quite expensive. Having said that, moms always appreciate flowers, for any occasion! There are plenty of flower delivery services. Do keep in mind that Mother’s Day is on a Sunday. While there are florists and parcel services that deliver on Sunday, you usually pay a lot extra for it. So, better be on time and have them delivered the Saturday before.

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Digital Mother’s Day gifts

If you don’t have time to order a gift and have it delivered, you can also consider a digital gift for Mother’s Day.

E-Gift cards

Most gift cards can nowadays also be delivered by e-mail. With an eGift card mom can pick out a nice present for herself. There are a lot of different eGift cards to choose from. Most major retail chains have gift cards nowadays. You can get an actual plastic giftcard, or have the card mailed directly to mom. One of the easiest of course is the Amazon eGift Card. With over 12 million products to choose from, there must be something mom likes!

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Subscriptions & memberships

There are some awesome subscriptions and memberships that make great gifts for mom.

  • Audible Gift Membership – for moms that love listening to audiobooks
    One free audiobook and 2 Audible Original titles per month, discounts on additional purchases
  • Kindle Unlimited Membership – for moms that love to read & listen.
    Unlimited reading and unlimited listening to over 1 million ebooks and thousands of audiobooks.
  • Amazon Prime Subscription – for moms that love to shop
    Free fast delivery and free access to movies, series, music and ebooks as well as unlimited photo storage.

DIY Mother’s Day gifts

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts are the best! All moms appreciate their kids taking the time to make them something special. So dads, it’s your turn! Round up the art supplies or get some of these arts & crafts supplies on Amazon and get to work. You can find lots of Mother’s Day craft ideas on Pinterest.

If your kids make a drawing or some other work of art in 2D, putting it in a nice picture frame will make it an even nicer gift.

If your kids aren’t too enthusiastic about arts & crafts (mine isn’t) there are lots of other home made gifts for Mother’s Day. Baking a cake or cookies, or making and decorating cupcakes is also a lovely surprise. You can get your baking supplies and cake baking mix at Amazon, and order some cool cake decorations while you’re at it.

Personalized photo gifts for Mother’s Day

Any gift personalized with a family travel picture (especially one that mom’s also in!) or a picture of the kids is bound to be a hit. There are plenty of options. You can get your photo printed on

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Other personalized gifts

If a gift with a photo doesn’t appeal, there are some great gifts you can personalize with only text. Why not get mom a personalized water bottle, a lovely piece of personalized jewelry or a funny personalized coffee mug.

Mother’s Day personalized jewelry

There are some great options for personalized jewelry that would make a lovely Mother’s Day present.

Personalized name jewelry for mom

You can choose a personalized necklace that either has the name engraved or even in handwriting. Give mom a necklace with all her kids’ names, to keep close to her heart.

If mom isn’t into necklaces that much a personalized bracelet might be a nice gift for her. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. An elegant chain bracelet with a handwritten name, or cuff bracelets with engraving, there’s plenty to choose from.

A less obvious choice is personalized earrings. Personally, I wouldn’t often wear earrings that have either my name or my child’s, but of course the engraving can be something else that’s meaningful too. There are some lovely monogram earrings and I think these earrings that have the date engraved are pretty cool too.

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Mother’s Day birthstone jewelry

A Mother’s Day birthstone necklace or a birthstone ring or bracelet is a very personal and elegant gift.

Often this type of jewelry contains the birthstone of the children and possibly grandchildren, but it can also be made with mom’s own birthstone. You can choose a design with just the birthstone(s) or a combination of an engraving and a birthstone.

You can either choose a piece of jewelry with a more modern look or go for a more traditional shape like a heart or a tree of life. There are so many designs, there’s bound to be one that fits mom’s style.

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Personalized water bottle

Millions of single use plastic water bottles are used everyday. Bad for the environment and not very economic either. But, staying hydrated is important, even if it’s often easer said than done. So why not give mom a reusable water bottle. Not just any reusable bottle of course, but a nice personalized one. Moms that travel, whether is commuting to work or travel to exotic places, will love having a own bottle that’s hers alone. You can either choose a stainless steel bottle (if you get a double wall insulated one you can use it for hot liquids as well) or a plastic one (make sure it’s BPA free!) and there are different kinds of lits.

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A book about mom

This customizable book ‘I wrote a book about you’ is super cute. All you have to do is fill in the blanks to get a very thoughtful personalized gift. Older kids can fill it in by themselves, but dads can also do it together with their young kids and get some spontaneous and funny answers. From ‘I know it doesn’t qualify as a superpower, but your ability to … is pretty remarkable’ to ‘if you were a soup you would be …’ and ‘if you were a superhero you would be …’.

Another option is this little book ‘What I love about Mom‘, that also lets you fill in the blanks. You can make it as hilarious or heartfelt as you like. ‘If you were a scent you’d be …’ and ‘I’d be lost without your …’ are some of the fun things about mom in this book.

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A lovely designed journal is a wonderful Mother’s Day present. If she likes to write get one with lined pages, but if she likes to draw as well as write a journal with unlined or blank pages might work best. If she’s not into writing that much (yet) or doesn’t really know where to start, a journal with writing prompts is a great idea.

Blank journals

If you’re looking for a lined journal, this handmade genuine leather-bound one definitely makes a statement. And the best thing, as it ages the leather only becomes more worn and beautiful.

Or look for a notebook style journal. Personally, I really I prefer the notebook journal with an inspirational quote on the cover. There are many different designs and different quotes, so you can choose one that best fits her personality and style.

If you prefer an unlined journal, with blank pages so that mom can combine both drawing and writing, this handmade leather journal is a really good option. Also check out this 10″ leather-bound sketchbook. It’s handmade from 100% natural leather with a beautifully designed cover and a clasp to keep securely closed.

A refillable diary is a gift that lasts a long time. Once you’ve used all the pages, you can simply buy a refill. It’s also possible to combine both lined and blank paper, which makes it very versatile. MaleDen offers a number of lovely refillable journals, both lined and blank.

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Journals with writing prompts

Present, Not Perfect for Moms is a personal creativity journal. This small journal is easy to put in your bag and take with you. It has a lovely, colorful design and is a joy to write in. It contains creative exercises, writing prompts and inspirational quotes.

One Question a Day for Moms: A Five-Year Journal is a great keepsake as you can compare 5 years of journaling with interesting questions that you answer on the same day every year. Great for moms that don’t have a lot of time.

Gratitude journaling is said to reduce stress and improve health. Now, if that’s not a great gift! I really like Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal for its wonderful design and thought provoking and creative writing promps. For mothers who don’t have a lot of time, why not buy a One-Minute Gratitude Journal? Less pressure, less time consuming but with the same benefits.

The sarcastic humor of this journal isn’t for everyone, but if you have a teen daughter or son looking for a cool Mother’s Day gift they might enjoy giving their mom this fun ‘Zen as F*k’ journal. The subtitle reads ‘A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t’. Yes, it’s very sarcastic, but also humorous and contains some pretty profound lessons.

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Even if it’s not personalized, jewelry is always a personal gift to give. Whether you choose a lovely pair of earrings, a stylish bracelet or a gorgeous necklace, it’s a gift that mom will cherish forever.

Charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is a lovely and meaningful gift for mom. It’s a very personal gift that mom will love. For each special occasion, you can give her a new charm, so you’ll always have a gift for mom the coming few years. There are different kinds of charm bracelets to choose from. Go for a classic design, or choose a more modern Pandora style bracelet.

With a bracelet like this mom gets to store her favorite memories in the form of charms. It’s a personal styling item, that adds visual interest to any outfit. Charm bracelets are individually tailored and therefore always unique.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

If mom likes aromatherapy, this might be the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day. An aromatherapy bracelet or essential oil diffuser bracelet let’s you enjoy subtle aromatherapy all day long. Reap the unique benefits of aromatherapy on the go.

Diffuser jewelry comes in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that best fits moms style. Choose a more traditional lava beads bracelet or a locket design with a gold, silver or leather strap.

Smells are directly tied to the part of our brain that holds memories and emotions. Smells also have the ability to motivate and inspire and can therefore be used to treat anxiety and stress, to help you sleep better, to energize and to lift up your mood. It’s important to use good quality, organic oils. Either buy a premade mix or let mom mix her own personal scent.

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Practical travel gifts for mom

Travel pillow that actually works

If there’s something every traveling mom appreciates it’s a good travel pillow. Let me assure you it’s not so easy to find one that actually works! Sleeping on a plane, train or bus is always a challenge and you really don’t want to find yourself nodding off on your unknown neighbor’s shoulder.

Even if your kids let you sleep (or your partner takes care of the kids so you get catch some sleep), it’s hard to find a position comfortable enough that you can actually fall asleep. Humans are just not meant to sleep sitting up.

Enter stage the innovative TedBoss Travel Pillow Scarf. It’s made of comfortable microfleece and offers great neck support. Position the enclosed memory foam support where it feels best (on either side of the neck or even the chin), wrap the scarf around and secure it. Now mom can sleep comfortably, even while traveling.

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Fun luggage tags

Luggage tags come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a fun way to personalize your luggage and very useful too. Tagging your luggage makes it more easily identifyable so it doesn’t end up going home with the wrong traveler. The paper tags the airlines give you are pretty much useless. They generally don’t last very long and easily come off. You’ll want a luggage tag that’s highly visible, unique and durable.

There’s a luggage tag for every traveling mom out there. You can choose a colorful flower suitcase label, luggage tags with a tropical design, disney suitcase tags, star wars luggage tags, Pokémon luggage tags or any other kind of funny bag tags.

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Foldable jewelry organizer

Depending on what kind of travel mom does, she may or may not bring a lot of jewelry. For business trips she might want to bring her best, for family holidays not so much. But even the most down to earth mom likes to look nice when she’s out. We usually travel really light and casual, and I always bring some earrings and generally buy a ton of cheap bracelets as we go. Having to find them amidst all our other toiletries is always a pain.

So the perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms that love travel is a BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer. What an invention! Now she’ll never have any trouble finding that matching earring. And it’s small enough

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Technology gifts for mom

Ebook reader

If mom loves to read and travel, the best Mother’s Day gift ever is an ebook reader. She may swear she likes paper books best and she doesn’t need an ereader but she’ll come to love it. As an avid reader myself, it took me a while to get used to my Kindle ebook readerbut now I use it almost every day.

The e-ink that ebook readers use is so much more comfortable for your eyes than a tablet screen, ebook readers can last days without recharging and you can easily store over a thousand books. I really like how easy it is to get new books too, and most are a lot less expensive than paper books. Amazon’s Kindle Store even contains a lot of free ebooks for you to download. Ebook readers are really light and think and hardly take up any space, so they are perfect for travel.

For moms that already own an ebook reader, a Kindle Unlimited Membership is an excellent idea.

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Bluetooth speaker

For mom’s that love both music and travel a mini bluetooth speaker is a wonderful and surprisingly affordable Mother’s Day gift. For $20 or less you’ll find plenty of good options. Sure you can use your phone, but the sound in no way compares to the crystal clear tones of a speaker like this. It’s also perfect for other occasions such as picknicks in the park, outdoor fitness sessions or even when mom’s in the kitchen making dinner.

The EWA A106 Pro is a tiny speaker that fits in your pocket. It comes with a carrying case and is water proof. At only 6.2 ounces you can simply slip it in your bag and take it wherever you go.

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Fitness tracker

For sporty moms that like to stay fit, why not consider a fitness tracker as a Mother’s Day gift? A fitness tracker, also called activity tracker or fitness activity tracker is a wearable device that helps you improve your health by tracking your day to day activity. It tracks things like steps taken, distance walked, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burnt. More expensive trackers have a built-in heart rate monitor and/or a built-in GPS and some can even measure your blood pressure.

Fitbit is a well-known fitness tracker brand that consistently gets rave reviews on Amazon. It has an elegant design and comes in stylish colors, so mom will enjoy wearing it.

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Phone camera lens kit / Cell phone lens kit

Pictures are a great way to relive memories, whether it’s precious moments captured during travel or fun family experiences in your own backyard. Most mothers love to take pictures, so that they can always keep those memories faimly memories.

And some moms are creative photographers that just like experimenting. For those moms that always have their phones out to take pictures but aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of the pics, a cell phone lens kit is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. A phone camera lens kit simply attaches to your phone, so you don’t need to bring that bulky SLR anymore. Most kits include various lenses, such as a wide angle lens, a fish eye lens, a macro lens and a zoom lens. There are also sets that have different filters, or one specific type of lens.

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Portable video projector

Mom’s own mobile movie theater! This is not exactly a cheap Mother’s Day gift, but definitely an awesome one. The Vamvo Ultra Mini is about the size of 2 stacked iPhone 11’s and weighs only 0.6lbs, so it’s easy to bring along on your travels. Perfect to watch movies on your hotel room wall!

No more watching films on your laptop or staring at a too small hotel room tv screen. You can easily bring this tiny projector along and enjoy a 100″ projected movie. Or, you can use it for family movie night in rooms where you have no tv screen. How cool is that? This mini projector is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, laptops, PCs and various game consoles. It has a number of rich ports such as HDMI, USB, TF and Micro SD.

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