From Dahab via Dubai to Bali

Yesterday late in the evening we made it to Bali. After two days of traveling all three of us were exhausted. The little guy is a born world traveler and, as on the trip to Egypt, did wonderful. We are so proud of him!

I was a bit worried about the 8,5 hour flight on day 2, but he was very relaxed and flirting with all the flight attendants. When we arrived at the apartment in Bali however he collapsed, too tired to sleep and over-stimulated. We spend our first night in Bali trying to help him get some sleep.

Our travel schedule:

Day 1:
– Got up at 05:00
– Dahab to Sharm el Sheikh by car
– Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo by plane
– Sharm el Sheikh to Dubai by plane
– Arrived at Dubai airport at 17:30 then spend over an hour trying to locate our stroller and find the shuttle to the hotel
– Arrived at the hotel in Dubai at 19:30, had dinner and went to bed too late

Day 2:
– Got up at 05:30
– Dubai to Bali by plane
– Arrived in Bali at 21:40 local time and were at our apartment by 22:30

Even though we had a rough first night, this morning we were sooo happy to be back in Asia! The apartment we rented through Airbnb is comfy and clean and it’ll be great fun to go exploring our new environment. We’ve never been to Bali before, so it’s a new experience for all of us.

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  1. Hoi alledrie! Doorgekregen van je vader Lisa en heel leuk om te zien hoe jullie onderweg zijn. Petje af en heel veel reisplezier en liefs van mij!


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