Kuala Lumpur: first time in a big city with our son

On August 1st we took a flight from Bali, Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for 9 days now and had a pretty good time here. Jace loves the public transport and gets a lot of attention. He waves at everybody 🙂 The flight over here was pretty uneventful. We left at 5PM, arriving in KL around 8PM and then had to take a taxi to … Read more

Review: Taos House Lembongan

We weren’t very impressed with Lembongan at first, but the move to Taos House made all the difference. What a lovely place to stay! The lush garden, nice swimming pool and friendly staff were like a breath of fresh air after the terrible experience at our previous hotel on Nusa Lembongan. Read our full review of Taos House Lembongan here. This post may contain affiliate links, check our disclaimer for more info. … Read more

Review: Shipwrecks Beach Resort Lembongan

Unfortunately our introduction with Nusa Lembongan wasn’t what we had hoped for. After buying a way too expensive return boat ticket and letting someone stupidly convince us to have him carry our bags on board after which he obviously wanted money for it, we were dropped at the wrong accommodation. Great. With a little one who needed to go to sleep, all three of us being hungry, a good 30C+ … Read more

Cheapest way to get to Nusa Lembongan, Bali

How to get to Nusa Lembongan? Getting from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan (or Ubud to Nusa Lembongan via Sanur) really isn’t rocket science. But… it’s easy to overpay. So let us share our golden tip for getting the cheapest fast boat to Lembongan. After our stay in Ubud, we left for Nusa Lembongan. Wayan, the owner of Kas Komala (our lovely homestay in Ubud), arranged a car with a driver … Read more

Review: Balinese cooking class Ubud

I’ve always wanted to learn Asian cooking, but somehow I was never motivated enough to do a cooking class whilst on holiday. Until we went to Ubud. And I can tell you, I’m really glad I did the Balinese cooking class! Balinese food tastes amazing and I learned a lot about Balinese cooking. If you want to do a cooking class in Ubud I can definitely recommend Jambangan Cooking Class … Read more

First time Bali: things we noticed

Having never been to Indonesia before, Bali was a great new adventure for us. As first timers there are a few things that really stood out for us. 1. Amazing amounts of kites in the sky. This we especially noticed when we were in Sanur, but we see it in other places as well. Making and flying kites is part of Balinese cultural and religious tradition. From the youngest kids … Read more

How to get cheap mobile internet in Indonesia

When we first arrived in Indonesia, we just went to one of the many mobile phone stores/counters and asked them for a mobile internet package. This turned out much more expensive then we thought. Here’s how you get a much better deal. Free wifi everywhere, for real? Even though most accommodations (and supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants etc.) in Bali offer free wifi, it isn’t always very reliable. For example the … Read more

Amed – East Bali

We didn’t really do our homework before going to Bali, so we thought that maybe we could do some diving from Sanur. There are lots of dive operations there, but it turned out they all go to Amed and Tulamben (2 hours drive away) for diving. Since being in the car for 4 hours a day wasn’t an option for us, we decided to find accommodation in Amed instead and … Read more

Dahab: camping in the Sinai desert

FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com - desert safari Dahab Egypt

Somehow getting up in the middle of the night to change a dirty diaper by candlelight just doesn’t seem so appealing. So since we became the parents of a beautiful but very active little boy we haven’t been camping around Dahab. Our friends who live here go camping with their little ones all the time, but we haven’t found the energy for it yet. In the past, we always did … Read more

Dahab: 5 must do’s

Planning a trip to Dahab? Here’s 5 things you don’t want to miss out on! Dahab (Arabic for ‘gold’) is a town in the South Sinai desert. It’s a popular holiday destination for divers, wind surfers and kite surfers. But despite the many natural and cultural attractions, the town has managed to maintain its small scale and relaxed character. A great atmosphere, dusty little roads, bedouin kids playing barefoot in … Read more

Our favorite dive sites in Dahab

On our list of favorite things to do in Dahab scuba diving is the absolute number one. Whether you want to get certified, do a PADI specialty such as photography or nitrox, become a tec diver or just make some nice fun dives, Dahab is THE place to go. Also read: 10 reasons to visit Dahab Egypt You won’t be bored in Dahab With 30+ dive sites to chose from, … Read more